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The heart of every fountain pen, the nib

As an innovation-oriented company with a strong focus on research and development, Visconti pays great attention to detail in the making of writing instruments whose hallmarks are inherent elegance and excellence.

The heart of every fountain pen, the nib is the brand’s most distinctive feature, which is also why the company has invested heavily in nib quality, technology and performance.

The range includes steel nibs

The range includes steel nibs, made with the finest manufacturing techniques and featuring a minimalist design to add a contemporary edge. Modern writers will enjoy putting their ideas and feelings on paper, as the ink flows smoothly and evenly to make writing a pleasure every time.

The iridium nib is available in three tip sizes – Fine, Medium and Broad – to suit different writing styles.
Nibs - Pens

An evolution of the classic stainless-steel nib

An evolution of the classic stainless-steel nib, the High-Performance Skeleton nib combines the brand’s signature skeleton cutout details and a cylindrical shape, highly evocative of Visconti’s traditional production of high-end skeleton fountain pens.

With a contemporary look and a vintage feel, the HP Skeleton nib adds uniqueness and a high-tech profile to any writing instrument; in addition to three standard tip sizes (Fine, Medium, Broad), the nib comes in Extra Fine and Stub versions for aspiring calligraphers. Alongside neutral stainless steel, nibs can be finished in black ruthenium, using a high-resistance PVD coating process, or 18kt rose gold, using the traditional gold plating technique used in the manufacture of jewelry.
Nibs - Pens

Dreamtouch 23kt Palladium nibs

The offer is completed by Dreamtouch 23kt Palladium nibs, a signature feature of Visconti’s offering in the high-quality end of the writing instruments market.

More valuable and difficult to work with than gold but equally flexible, 23kt Palladium is a distinctive feature of prestigious nibs with a classic, elegant and timeless design. Available in white, yellow or rose gold and black ruthenium, the Dreamtouch nib is decorated with a finely engraved lily, the symbol of Florence, where Visconti was established and flourished.

The Dreamtouch nib comes in five tip sizes – Extrafine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub – in order of thickness, designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable writing experience.

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Nibs - Pens

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