Pen Collection


A small seaside hideaway in a peaceful bay along the Ligurian coast, north of Mediterranean Sea that bathes the elegant Italian coastline: this is Portofino, known for oozing ancient charm and sophisticated glamour. The main city streets are resplendent with luxury shops and magnificent boats are docked in the picturesque harbor.
The Portofino pen collection celebrates a passion for the sea and sailing, honoring the beauty of this Italian coastline gem. Evoking the decks of prestigious Italian motorboats, the pen comes with a teak wood barrel, skillfully finished and grooved, layered with a thin rose-gold plated silver shell depicting a compass rose in enamel colors. The stainless-steel cap is finely engraved with a wave pattern and the name “Portofino”.

About us

Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.