Aviator SM79



Aviator SM79
By April 2019
€ 2.600,00*
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Type:Time Only
Case material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 44.50 mm
Dial Colour: Dark Grey
Strap std: 1 leather brown + 1 diver black - 22/20 mm
Water Resistant mt: 200
Limited edition: 200

The Aviator SM79 collection of watches with Swiss automatic movement is inspired by the traditional watches designed for aviators, with large dials for excellent legibility and a simple design often highlighting the minutes.

Because it features high performance, resistance and reliability, as well as a clear military look, the Aviator SM79 watch is named after the glorious Savoia-Marchetti S. M. 79 Sparviero, a three-engined Italian medium bomber, winner of several world records as the fastest medium fighter plane during World War II. 

The flag at 3 o’clock reveals that it is designed for air navigation, while a large crown and left-handed layout in the Chrono version make Aviator SM79 a useful instrument for pilots who want measure time while flying. A rugged construction with the bezel exceeding the case middle made it possible to use a wider dial while keeping the watch small enough to be practical and appealing for everyday wear.

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