Falconer Gold FP



Falconer Gold FP
By April 2019
€ 23.000,00*
Web Price
Color: Gold
Material: Resin, Solid Gold 18 Kt
Body: Over
Nib: Pd 23 kt, Large
Nib Color: Two Tones, Palladium & Gold
Nib Point: F-M-B-EF-S
Filling: Eye Dropper
Ltd: 18
Nib Point
This unique piece wants to be an homage to the noble and very ancient art of falconry, as popular in the Arabian culture as in the Mexican, the European and even the Florentine ones. Lorenzo de Medici, duke of the Republic of Florence in the 15th Century, was a fanatic practitioner of the art of hunting with the falcon, like many other noble personalities. That is because the falconry was recognized as distinctive sign of noblesse; furthermore, hawks were brought into the courts, in battle but also as symbol of peace between people of different origins, religions and cultures.
The pen, whose cap and blind cap are enriched by embossed dark brown leather, is hand painted with airbrush by a talented artist and gets produced in a limited number. The pattern on the leather is the reproduction of an original medieval hood exhibited at the Qatar National Museum and the clip, in solid Gold 18 kt as the trims, represents the falcon feather.
A dedicated box, whose cover a magnificent antiqued bronze sculpture of a hawk in the hunting position stands on, comes toghether as another masterpiece from the Visconti's manufactory.

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