Divina Elegance Collection

This writing instrument plays with the classical aesthetic standards and elevates them. It is inspired by the four natural elements from which a fifth supernatural one emerges. The pen’s pentagonal shape recalls these five elements.


“To you, happy prison of the retina,

golden section, celestial quadrature,

from which universal harmony originates.”

Rafael Alberti

Silver Inlays

The Divina Elegance collection stands out in great part due to its silver inlays. Constructing the pen is a long and lengthy process because each silver appointment has to be inserted manually, one at a time. Though the process is arduous, it transforms the Divina Elegance writing instrument into a unique and refined jewel.

The Golden Ratio, the nautilus and pentagram

The Divina Elegance collection takes its inspiration and shape from three fundamental elements: the golden ratio, the nautilus and the pentagram.

The relationship between the length of the cap and pen (both capped and uncapped) follow the golden ratio. The pen’s structure is built according to a Fibonacci nautilus while its shape, though slightly adapted for ergonomic reasons, resembles a pentagram.

Divina Elegance fountain pen

Available in other colours

Divina Elegance rollerball pen

Available in other colours

Divina Elegance ballpoint pen

Available in other colours

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