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A new total black demostrator collection: a mixture of resin and Lava powder, shiny black metalwork, an 18 kt ruthenium finished nib and a transparent reservoir with a special smoky effect.

Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal Collection

A new total black demostrator collection: a mix of resin and Lava powder, shiny black metal fittings, a 18 kt ruthenium finished nib and a transparent double reservoir with a particular smoky effect.

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Elegant and functional

The metalwork and transparent components are hand-polished by our craftsmen. Resin and basalt lava parts undergo special treatments to give the material a characteristic leather/soft finish.

Van Gogh Café Terrace at Night

The colours of the nova Van Gogh Café Terrace at Night pick up on the shades of yellow, orange blue and green that the Dutch artist used in the creation of one of his most famous paintings.

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Six new colours

Discover the new line of inks dedicated to the Van Gogh collection. The six new colours are named after our most famous Van Gogh pens and can be purchased separately.

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Writing instruments

Fruit of the Florentine goldsmith tradition, our timeless handmade pens are the perfect balance between design, creativity and innovation.

Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli Fountain Pen

The contrast between the gold and intense lapis lazuli blue gives the fountain pen Il Magnifico a regal aspect.
Lapislazzuli - Aged Vermeil

Eco-Logic Fountain Pen

The Eco-logic fountain pen takes its inspiration from the beauty and purity of nature. This simple and elegant writing instrument is dedicated to the free-spirits of this world.
Hemp Bioplastic - Palladium

Rembrandt fountain pen

The chiaroscuro technique, made famous by the celebrated Dutch painter, is brought back to life in the clean lines of this fountain pen.
Acrylic resin - Palladium
Il Magnifico Laspislazzuli FP
Eco-Logic FP
Rembrandt FP

My Pen System

Gifting a pen is a very personal and symbolic gesture. It can be a reminder of an extraordinary moment shared, a thank you to someone special or simply the fostering of a rare talent.

My Pen System gives you the possibility to personalize your Visconti pen and make it  one of a kind.

Craftmanship & Atelier

From ebonite to lava, our writing instrument’s materials are carefully chosen to fulfill the highest standards of beauty, design and comfort of use.

Pen types

What pen suits you best: fountain, rollerball, or ballpoint? Leave your mark with the right writing instrument for you.


Our watch collection, with its high performance mechanisms, is designed and assembled by master watchmakers.

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Discover Leather

Protect your writing instrument with our soft and elegant pouches made of Florentine leather.



The Company

A pen represents the perfect balance between aesthetics and intellect. It is the only tool that can express the depth of a thought while looking as beautiful as a jewel. 

Visconti’s story starts in Florence during the 80s. Two friends, both passionate about fountain pens and calligraphy decide to produce handmade writing instruments.