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Van Gogh Collection

Vincent Van Gogh managed to push emotion to its extremes in every one of his brush stroke. Inspired by this artist’s unconventional vision, we have created a collection that would soon become iconic.


“I don’t know anything with certainty,

but seeing the stars makes me dream.”

Vincent Van Gogh

His Colours

Van Gogh’s use of colour is an intrinsic part of his art.

To honour the famous Dutch painter, we have reproduced the textures of oil painting on his canvases in pen form.

His Art

Van Gogh connects his most inner ‘I’ to the outside world through his paintbrush. His emotions are expressed through the strength of his colours, the impulsiveness of his lines and the choice of his subjects. Nature becomes a mirror that reflects emotions rather than landscapes.

Van Gogh fountain pen

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Van Gogh rollerball pen

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Van Gogh ballpoint pen

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