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Time for style


Time for style

In recent years, the traditional menswear dress code has been strongly influenced by changes in lifestyle brought by technology, new fashion trends and the impact of the pandemic. New, more flexible ways of working have rendered time more fluid and the boundaries between one engagement and another less clear-cut. In many professional environments, the classic jacket and tie combo has been replaced by more relaxed and versatile outfits. Everyday accessories have also experienced a transformation and renewal. 

Watches, for example, play a key role in completing a look. Alongside elegant models for special occasions, there are other functional, but no less sophisticated options like sports watches. One example that manages to combine practicality, resistance and style is Visconti’s Roma 60’s Sport watch.

New needs, new functionalities

Men’s sports watches are the bestsellers of recent years. Their contemporary design lends itself well to different styles, from casual to elegant, and from streetstyle to eclectic. They can be worn in any setting without clashing with other garments and are the ideal tool for fast-paced days and outdoor activities. 

Though all of the watches in the Visconti collection are designed with a modern twist and an emphasis on versatility and durability, the Roma 60’s Sport is without a doubt the most suitable one for an active and stylish lifestyle. Inspired by 1960s Italian design, like the other two watches in the collection, Chrono and Two Tones, this automatic movement model is the result of experimentation, technology and precise workmanship. 

Designed to withstand water depths of up to 50m, the Roma 60’s Sport watch is the perfect wrist accessory to pack for beach holidays and poolside weekends. The case and bezel are made in stainless steel with a slightly aged, scratch-resistant finish. The black fabric band matches harmoniously with any colour on the menswear colour scale, while the bright orange accents on the dial break up a monochrome look with a playful touch.

Orologi sportivi alla moda Visconti

The advantages of sports watches

For sportswear lovers and others, sports watches are a smart model to invest in. They are resistant to water, dust, shocks, scratches and high temperatures. They are specifically designed to stand the test of time and to stay on your wrist during intense workouts. 

The more technical ones also include various time measurement systems such as a timer, stopwatch and time zone, as well as a barometer, compass, altitude indicators and phosphorescent materials. Sports watches designed to record the wearer’s activities also have other functionalities, including a pedometer, blood pressure and heart rate monitor. They connect to smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and can also be used as GPS devices. 

There are no limits to the combination of design and technology. The added value of the Roma 60’s Sport watch, however, is precisely its timeless allure. It is a discreet and indispensable accessory, both functional and aesthetic, that will become an all time favourite for those who like to take care of their appearance without sacrificing their comfort and freedom of movement.


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