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10 perfect leather gift ideas for him and her
10 idee per regali in pelle

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10 perfect leather gift ideas for him and her


The Italian leather accessories in the VSCT collection, with their classic and refined style, fashionable colours and unfailing focus on practicality are waiting to be discovered and make you fall in love. Surprise someone you love with fantastic gift ideas from the Visconti leather goods store.

In this article, find 10 ideas for simple, yet effective leather gifts that nod to the latest fashion trends and embrace the technological innovations that are now fully part of our lives.

Leather gifts to protect your writing instruments

A brand famous for its precious writing instruments could not fail to offer a leather goods line with elegant pen holders to store and protect precious fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens. You will find products to suit all tastes and budgets, starting with the handy Small Zip Case in fine palmellato leather, finished with gold metalwork and a nib-shaped slider, up to the larger format of the 12-Pen Holder. Craftsmanship and versatility come together in a single product that can hold pens or other precious objects.

Designer leather gifts

In addition to the collections of writing and travel accessories, it also features the practical Key Tray, rigorously made of cowhide and available in black and cognac colours. This home décor accessory catches the eye and embellishes a simple entrance console, thanks to its clean lines and iconic Visconti logo positioned at its centre. This design object is also resistant and water and scratch-resistant.

Leather gifts for those who are always on the move

Within the VSCT leather accessory line, there is no shortage of ideas for leather gifts specifically designed for those who travel for work or pleasure. The palmellato leather Passport Holder combines functionality and style in a single item. This leather accessory can hold all the documents needed during a trip, such as boarding passes, business cards and credit cards, thanks to its practical compartments. Select one of three fashionable colours: cognac, black and camouflage pattern and combine it with the practical Luggage Tag. This stylish accessory, available in the same colours of the Passport Holder, allows you to add your personal information and embellish your suitcase or travel bag with its golden metal parts.

Leather gifts for real techies

Thanks to the VSCT collection, you can now find the perfect gifts for your tech-loving friends or relatives. Because no one separates from their devices anymore, it has become increasingly important to find a stylish way to protect them. Opt for our 13-inch Laptop Case to add a touch of style to any outfit on your way to work. The case exterior is made in Italian palmetto leather and its inner lining in flocked velvet to provide all the softness you need to protect your computer.

Music lovers will appreciate the Airpods and Airpods Pro Covers, which not only provide the best possible protection for their wireless headphones, but also lend elegance to an object that is much more than a mere case. The Made in Italy leather cover safely wraps around the earphone case with a snap fastener but leaves a practical opening to charge the device. The gold-plated carabineer allows the case to be attached to a trouser loop or hung from a bag or backpack and the leather strap makes it wearable around neck.

Leather gifts for those who love practicality and comfort

For the ones who love to keep things organised, choose the Gusseted Card Holder in palmellato leather lined in soft black flocked velvet. Once used, this compact and practical accessory will soon become an essential everyday item. Nowadays, between credit and loyalty cards, losing or misplacing them has becomes even easier than it used to. At last, however, it will be possible to store everything you need in this single card holder with numerous compartments and a practical double snap fastener.

In short, the VSCT collection offers a wide range of leather gift ideas guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning and fashionable man or woman in your life.


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