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Leather AirPods case cover: tech made beautiful and practical
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Leather AirPods case cover: tech made beautiful and practical


If there is one hi-tech accessory that has become very popular in recent years, it is the AirPods. The convenience of being able to listen to our favourite music or answer a phone call without wires getting tangled or in the way is indisputable!

Most of us agree they are comfortable, functional and trendy. Only downside? Like most technology, they are fragile. The leather AirPods cover, one of the latest additions to Visconti’s line of accessories, was designed to protect them and make them unique.

Practicality and protection without sacrificing style

The new cover from the VSCT line, with its iconic V monogram on the opening tab will soon become the accessory you can’t do without. Entirely made in Italian palmellato leather, the cover is yet another example of Visconti’s high quality standards and Florentine expertise in the field of leather craftsmanship. The snap fastener makes it easy to use, while the opening at the bottom of the accessory gives you the possibility to charge your device without having to remove it from its cover. The leather fits the Airpods cover snuggly, thus providing protection in the event of a fall.

If you are the type of person who easily misplaces their earphones, and frantically searches for them when you receive a call, you will enjoy another feature of the Visconti Airpods cover. The matching palmellato leather strap connected to the cover with a gold plated carabiner allows you to wear the Airpods case around your neck or easily find it in a bag or even on the most cluttered of desks. Alternatively, you can conveniently attach the case to your handbag, clutch, backpack or belt loop thanks to the elegant golden carabiner. With the Visconti cover, losing your Airpods will become a thing of the past!

The cover comes in two versions: AirPods cover and AirPods pro cover. Though different in size, these two leather accessories are exactly the same in terms of quality, practicality, style and colour.

The leather AirPods cover is an absolute must-have for anyone who uses these revolutionary wireless headphones on a daily basis. If you find yourself spoilt for choice and just can’t decide which cover to choose or to give as a gift for a special occasion, here are a few tips to make sure you get it just right.

Camouflage: ready, set, go for an adventure

The camouflage print variant will transport you straight into the wilderness with its green hues that perfectly match the gold metalwork. It is ideal for those with a wild soul who like to explore the world in a dynamic and practical way. All they need is a backpack to set off on an adventure in search of the unique emotions and experiences that only travel can provide. When setting off on a journey, your hands are usually filled with IDs or boarding passes. The leather AirPods cover is the perfect solution to keep your hands free since it can be hung around the neck or attached to a bag. Imagine, for example, that you are walking in the mountains while your favourite music is playing in your ears. Your hands are busy with your walking stick and water bottle and your AirPods case is secured by a carabiner to your backpack. This accessory is not only convenient but also matches the colour scheme of the surrounding nature.

Cognac: understated elegance

Opt for the cognac variant for a refined gift that is perfect for any occasion. In fashion, less is often more, so why not choose a neutral shade that can match all of your outfits without stealing the show? The warm, enveloping shades of cognac are perfectly suited to those who love to wear light, soft colours, preferring an understated yet fashionable. Add a real touch of style to your outfit by pairing cognac leather AirPods cover with a nice camel-coloured coat or a sand-coloured autumn trench coat. Around your neck or hanging from your bag, this practical and elegant cover will feel just as much at home in a work environment as in a more casual setting like an aperitif with friends.

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