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Small leather accessories: an elegant and perfect solution for the new season
Viaggiare con stile con gli accessori in pelle Visconti

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Small leather accessories: an elegant and perfect solution for the new season


Stand out from the crowds with the VSCT small leather goods collection. Its refined and elegant details bring an extra touch of style to any outfit. This series of accessories, designed to complement a strong and decisive style, can accompany you in every situation, from a carefree holiday with friends to the most demanding business trip. Our careful selection of high-quality leather combines with a sophisticated and elegant design as well as an understanding of the needs of modern travellers to make this collection of small leather goods an indispensable part of any travel experience.

Get ready to travel in style with VSCT accessories

To travel comfortably and protect all our important belongings, choosing the right accessories is fundamental. Functionality and practicality should undoubtedly go hand in hand with aesthetics. The VSCT small leather goods collection certainly hasn’t overlooked any detail. Its use of fine Italian leather, bright metalwork and modern prints make it elegant yet trendy.

Whether on a business trip or a weekend away, the VSCT briefcase is ideal to hold everything you need to travel comfortably  without sacrificing style. Its interior pocket lined with soft flocked velvet comfortably stores a device with a screen of up to 13 inches making it a must-have accessory for those who never part with their laptop. The palmetto leather briefcase, with the refined style of its gold-finished metalwork, will immediately steal the attention of the most discerning eyes during work appointments.

The VSCT small leather goods luggage tag also perfectly embodies the combination of practicality and good taste. Thanks to the practical strap with an adjustable buckle, you can easily add a colourful and more recognisable touch to your luggage. This extraordinary accessory in palmetto leather comes with a blank card on which to add your personal details to facilitate the retrieval of any lost luggage. This eye-catching accessory, made by our master craftsmen, is as elegant as it is useful.

If you are ready to take an international flight and love order and organisation, you won’t be able to do without the impeccably stylish passport holder in soft Italian leather. Passing through check-in, security check and boarding, the risk of misplacing some important document multiplies. The passport holder with an iconic design from the VSCT line will protect your valuable documents and, thanks to its numerous compartments, hold boarding passes, credit cards, badges and cards in one practical place.

The must-haves to take with you on every trip

When travelling, as well as amidst the hectic pace of everyday life, it is always important to feel like we have our most important belongings close at hand. How then to resist the timeless appeal of the VSCT gusseted card holder, which combines practicality with great craftsmanship. Its convenient compartments are perfect for inserting credit and business cards so that they can immediately be found. Its palmellato leather exterior perfectly matches the black flocked velvet interior, while the double snap fastener, finished in gold, is embellished with the iconic Visconti V.

Another unmissable accessory in the line is the delightful clutch bag in palmellato leather and lined with soft flocked velvet. It is ideal for anyone who wants to travel light or needs to carry a few, but indispensable items such as keys, smartphones or credit cards. A symbol of refinement and elegance that works just as well by day as by night, thanks to the comfortable removable wristlet that allows the pochette to also be worn on the wrist. Last but not least, the original detail of the zip slider that is impired by the shape of the nibs of our precious fountain pens ties the clutch to the rest of our collections.

Accessories to protect your devices, even on holiday

Because at Visconti we know that it is increasingly difficult to part with technology, even on holiday, we have added accessories designed to protect your delicate electronic devices to the Business Travel Collection. The 13-inch laptop case is perfect for transporting your device safely, without the risk of dents or scratches. The high-quality leather of the outer cover combines with the soft velvet interior and stylish gold-finished nib-shaped slider to make it a highly functional yet sophisticated accessory.


For some time now, another technological device has accompanied us on a daily basis, whether during interminable work calls, our daily commute or on our carefree travels. Never go without your perfect soundtrack From now on, the AirPods and AirPods Pro can also boast their own special case cover, which, on the one hand, provides the necessary care and protection and, on the other, is a real fashion accessory with its snap fastener and practical opening for charging. The AirPods cover becomes a fashionable item to wear around the neck thanks to the comfortable palmetto leather strap and the gold-plated carabiner.

All the accessories from the VSCT small leather goods collection are available in three striking colour variants: a camouflage print, a warm cognac colour and a timeless black that never goes out of fashion. Choose to create your perfect mix and match between colours and accessories, or opt for a splendid and classy tone-on-tone effect.

Don’t wait! Start your journey and choose your favourite VSCT small leather goods accessory to carry with you at all times!



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