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Elegant watches for men: the Visconti models
Gli orologi eleganti di VIsconti

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Elegant watches for men: the Visconti models


Visconti watches come in a range of evergreen colours that can be easily matched with other shades and styles. They are the result of an valuable collaboration with Swiss master watchmakers who create ultra-sophisticated movement mechanisms. Our analogue dial models are design objects that transcend time, adding a touch of elegance to any look whether it be classic, sporty, minimal or sophisticated.

In this article, we present our latest analogue watches, highlighting the features that make them unique and timeless.

Orologi da uomo Visconti

The Roma 60's Chrono watch

Roma 60’s Chrono, one of our most attractive timepieces, has a clean design and a sporty soul. Versatile, universal and water resistant up to a depth of 50 metres, this analogue Chrono model is equipped with an automatic movement.  

The word chronograph originally meant ‘time writer’ and refers to a wrist watch’s ability to measure time intervals. The Roma 60’s ‘time writer’ comes in 2 colour variants: the first, with a total black stainless steel dial and a matching bracelet with crocodile embossing; the second, with a coffee-coloured bronze plated dial and a dark orange strap. The attention given to every element of the timepiece makes Roma 60’s Chrono a true style icon.

The Roma 60's Sport watch

The Roma 60’s Sport analogue watch is inspired by Italian 60s design. Its strong appeal comes from the mix of materials, finishes and colours used in its creation. Handmade by our experienced craftsmen and watchmakers, this Date and Time Only model features a stainless steel dial with an aged effect and contrasting orange apexes as well as a 50 meter water-resistance. Its black textile strap makes it one of the most practical and comfortable watches in our collection.

The Roma 60’s Sport watch is the ace up your sleeve to bring a touch of casual chic to any look.

The Opera and Opera GMT watches

Designed as a tribute to the world of opera, the Opera and Opera GMT collections appeal to all classical music fans and lovers of timeless aesthetics.

These two models of analogue watches feature an automatic movement, Time Only or GMT mechanism and water resistance. They are characterised by a dial inspired by the structure of the musical score. Set in a satin-finished steel case, the dial is built on several levels and protected by a sapphire crystal and a GMT triple time-zone mechanism

The watch models are the epitome of vintage charm in their three colour combinations – blue, black and orange with a tone-on-tone dial and strap.

The Lava Italian Style watch

Nature has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Visconti. The Lava Italian Style automatic movement watch has been designed to reflect the colours and textures of Mount Etna’s lava stone, and like the Homo Sapiens pen collections, harnesses the power of primordial chaos. References to the Sicilian volcano can be found in the two half-crowns of the dial, formed in lavic material from Mount Etna. The frame is made of stainless steel, an ultra-resistant material.

Unbreakable, fireproof and slightly hygroscopic, the Lava Italian Style watch is the perfect way to finish any look with a functional, light and refined accessory.


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