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The colour combinations of Cognac: a symbol of elegance
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The colour combinations of Cognac: a symbol of elegance


Cognac, obtained through the distillation of white wine, is an oenological speciality named after the French city where it was produced for the first time in 1622. This precious distillate doesn’t just glow in glasses at the end of a meal, it is also the inspiration for a series of timeless colour nuances used in various fields, and particularly popular in fashion and interior design. 

The thousand warm, golden and elegant hues of cognac transcend the canonical seasons to give colour to garments and accessories, year round. Cognac spans from the more hypnotic colour variant of Terra di Siena to the spicy tones reminiscent of cinnamon and turmeric, all the way to ochre and biscuit beige highlights. Cognac is a multifaceted colour that brings a touch of elegance to every occasion.

Cognac, a stylish element wherever you go

Contemporary and timeless, the cognac shade is central to our VSCT leather line. The folding card holder and credit card holder, two highly crafted creations with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, are among the everyday accessories we offer in this colour variant. Featuring multiple compartments for credit and business cards, these two small leather masterpieces can be cleverly combined with our cult camouflage pochette bag. Designed with a removable wrist strap, the practical zipped clutch is embellished with the iconic V monogram in a contrasting cognac shade. 

The amber colour also features in our sophisticated accessories for the tech-savvy. The laptop case, for example, is the ideal solution to carry and protect your device. Again, cognac lends itself very well to various colour combinations and styles. Pair it with black for a more classic look or camouflage for a more exuberant one. These colour variants can also be explored in our stylish line of covers for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Natural and multi-faceted, the cognac shade is also ideal for leather travel accessories like our palmellato leather briefcase. Designed for business and leisure trips, the briefcase can hold a laptop up to 15” in size. Keep your writing instruments, mobile phone, earphones and other small items within easy reach and well organised with the briefcase’s numerous internal compartments. The luggage tag, made to give a stylish touch of colour to your suitcase, is even more contemporary in the camouflage print.

A touch of class for home décor

Why not also play the trump card of this timeless hue in your home furnishings and accessories? A perfect example of a multifaceted designer object from the VSCT leather line is our key tray

Handmade from the finest Italian leather, this decorative piece from our collection can easily enhance a wooden desk, a modern piece of furniture or a table with a lacquered surface. Our 12 pen holder and small and large A4 leather envelopes are other useful accessories to put on display around the home and office. The different colour variants of the VSCT line harmoniously combine with one another. 

Cognac offers endless styling possibilities. If you are in the mood to experiment with less conventional combinations, try combining it with other colours on its chromatic palette like salmon pink, gold and olive green. On the scale of colours which traditionally go perfectly with cognac, we suggest cream, blue and burgundy. For a bolder style, try a mix & match of animal prints, optic white and pearl grey.

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