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Leather accessories by VSCT: the stylish way to carry documents
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Leather accessories by VSCT: the stylish way to carry documents


The two main qualities of true luxury and the hallmarks of our VSCT leather accessory collection are simplicity and functionality. Designed for the commuter and traveller, our line of leather accessories is entirely produced in-house. The line’s minimal and sophisticated aesthetic strips away the superfluous to make room for practicality, excellent materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

A passepartout for every moment of the day

Today’s comtempory lifestlye is full of work commitments, social activities and leisure travel. In order to complement this high degree of dynamism, we have  designed lightweight and durable document holders that are as useful as they are stylish.

The vintage-style folding card holder, in supple made-in-Italy palmellato leather, is compact and full of charm. Featuring four convenient compartments for credit, business and other cards, this accessory is lined in black flocked velvet and embellished with a double snap closure decorated with our brand’s monogram, the iconic V.

Born out of a need for comfort and practicality, the waterproof and scratch-resistant leather gusseted card holder is a viable alternative to the traditional wallet and is a symbol of a modern lifestyle that requires multi-purpose and durable creations.

Designed for overseas travel and daily commuting, the passport holder in supple Italian leather is the perfect accessory for those who enjoy a fast paced lifestyle as much as they crave elegance. The passport holder features practical compartments to hold passports, boarding passes, credit cards and IDs and boasts a sophisticated design enhanced by the VSCT logo printed on the front. Available in three colours – camouflage, cognac and black – it is finished with gold detailing and lined with palmellato leather for durability.

Functional accessories and design elements

A document holder encloses all the most important things in life: thoughts, emotions, ideas and projects. Our leather envelopes come in two versions – one in a small pocket size and the other in a large A4-size. This minimal and chic accessory not only allows you to organise all your important documents but also store and protect your tablet. Made of palmetto leather and lined with Mondial – a special type of washable synthetic leather – the document holder has two credit card slots, two banknote compartments and closes with a convenient magnetic button. This carefully handcrafted leather accessory in blue, cognac, grey and black shades demonstrates how a practical object can turn into an inimitable stylish detail to match any outfit.

Finally, our versatile zip pouch, an accessory to wear comfortably on the wrist, hold in the hand or store in our matching briefcase. Lined internally with soft black flocked velvet, the zip pouch has a removable wristlet and closes with a gold plated zip with a slider inspired by the shape of a Visconti nib. The added value of this accessory is the back pocket with a magnetic closure, designed to keep travel documents, smartphones and other small objects close at hand. Camouflage, cognac, or black? Which is the perfect colour to complete your look?

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