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VSCT leather briefcases


There are times in life when you have to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Organising your day when your agenda is full of work comittements, travels and freelance assignments, can be a stressful process. Having everything you need close at hand and in the right place when you are rushing from place to place in a busy city helps to save time and can in part allieviate some of the pressures of a busy lifestyle. 

Visconti has designed the Business Travel Collection in answer to the fast paced and international times we live in. Set off for work or a new travel adventure with an elegant leather accesory designed specifically to organise and safekeep your documents and devices.

Document holder

The large A4 envelope is the first on our list of must-have items to store and organise documents, contracts and brochures. The envelope is made in palmellato calf leather and features a practical magnetic closure. It is just the right size to hold a tablet and fits perfectly into our briefcase, a practical and functional accessory designed for those who need to travel for work.

Like the A4 document holder, the small card envelope is an another indispensable  accessory. Equipped with 2 credit card slots and 2 banknote compartments, this practical item is designed to carry your everyday essentials even when you aren’t carrying a briefcase or backpack. 

The envelope briefcases feature a Mondial leatherette interior and come in four colour variations – blue, cognac, grey and black. The outside of each accessory is enhanced with the iconic V monogram of the brand printed in a ton sur ton colour.

Document pouches

In addition to the classic pouches that fit into office briefcases, the Business Travel Collection includes some functional and trendy elements. Extremely versatile, the zip pouch is also one of the most chic accessories in the VSCT line. Comfortably worn on the wrist thanks to a removable strap, this designer piece is lined with soft black flocked velvet. 

Lightweight and elegant, the zip pouch features an internal pocket and a gold slider inspired by the shape of Visconti’s nibs. The easy to reach external pocket with a magnetic clasp is perfect to store travel documents, phones and pens. 

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