Divina Elegance ballpoint pen

From nature to the sublime. This ballpoint pen’s design follows the proportions of the golden ratio which makes it on an aura of the divine.


Type: Ballpoint pen

Colour: Black / Imperial Blue

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Regular

Filling: Refill A38

Closure type: "twist" mechanism

Metal fittings: Ag925

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Fountain Pen Rollerball pen

We have chosen acrylic resin to make the Divina Elegance rollerball pen. This material lends itself well to interesting effects such as pearlescent highlights. The anti-tarnish silver alloy preserves the metal parts of the pen from oxidation.


Part of the uniqueness of the Divina Elegance pen comes from its long and meticulous creation process.

Clip, closure system and finishings

The Divina Elegance ballpoint pen is adorned with the classic Visconti arched clip and closes with a twist mechanism.

The silver inlays are inserted manually one by one while the metal finishes are made of palladium.

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