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Opera Master Polynesia Collection

The Opera Master Polynesia collection transports you into a waking dream on an exotic and mysterious island. Get lost in the colours of the southern Pacific as you experience a magical writing experience.

“May the day come when I can flee to the woods on a south sea island, and live there in ecstasy, for peace and for art.”

Paul Gauguin

Immagine dall'alto Polynesia

An iconic pen born out of the sea

Our designers wanted to use the sea as inspiration once more. The pen’s colours conjure images of islands full of lush vegetation, white beaches and the crystal clear waters so loved by Paul Gauguin.

Craftsmanship and creativity

This collection is one of our technical masterpieces. It has taken the hard work of our expert craftsmen to recreate the swirls of Polynesian colours in the pen’s transparent resin body. This beautiful writing instrument comes fitted with Visconti’s highly performant double reservoir filling system and hook safe lock closing mechanism.

Corpo stilografica Oper
Penne Polynesia Visconti
Paesaggio Polynesia Visconti
Materiale Polynesia stilografica
Mare cristallino

Opera Master Polynesia Fountain Pen

Polynesia Stilografica 920,00 

Opera Master Polynesia roller pen

Opera Master Polynesia Penna Roller 630,00 

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