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Van Gogh “Wheatfield with crows” Collection

Wheatfield with Crows sings with the Dutch artist’s power of expression and creativity.

“What can a person do when he thinks of all the things he cannot understand, but look at the fields of wheat?”

Vincent Van Gogh

The three paths

In the foreground of the painting, three paths snake away into the field. These were Van Gogh’s three existential and professional alternatives which went in opposite and irreconcilable directions.

The perfect storm

A storm of crows flies through a darkening sky over wheat fields.

The wind shifts through the wheat spikes and pushes ominous clouds into a clear blue sky.

Van Gogh “Wheatfield with crows” fountain pen


Van Gogh “Wheatfield with crows” rollerball pen


Van Gogh “Wheatfield with crows” ballpoint pen


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