Visconti Travel Inkwell



Visconti Travel Inkwell
€ 55,00*
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Line:Travel Inkwell
Color: Black/Silver
Material: Bakelite
Upholstery: Palladium Plated
Joint: Universal
Employment: All Kinds of Filling

In 1997, Visconti created the Travelling Inkwell, a tool which allows to load the fountain pen in a convenient, easier, cleaner, safer, faster and more enjoyable way.
Fountain pen, through this instrument, will be completely refillable wherever and whenever needed, with no ink touching the grip section and by utilizing 100% of the ink inside the inkwell.
At home, at the office or while travelling, Travel Inkwell by Visconti will revolutionize traditional filling system of fountain pens with piston: here it is available on our website, in the original and patented version.
ATTENTION: Antique or vintage pens which use a rubber holder, a lever or a push button for filling cannot be filled using this ink pot.

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Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.