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Rembrandt fountain pen

The chiaroscuro technique, made famous by the celebrated Dutch painter, is brought back to life in the clean lines of this fountain pen.


Type: Fountain Pen

Colour: Black / Blue Fog / Blue / Dark Forest / Pink / Red / White

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Regular

Nib: Steel (small)

Nib colour: Steel

Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B

Filling: Cartridge / Converter

Closure type: Magnetic

Finishing: Palladium

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Acrylic resin is one of the materials most frequently used to make fountain pens.

Few other materials can be transformed into durable, resistant writing instruments with beautifully glossy and vibrant colours.

Chiaroscuro effect

Rembrandt used the chiaroscuro technique to bring intensity and depth to his artwork.

Influenced by the the Flemish artist, our master artisans, manually blend the colours of each Rembrandt fountain pen.

One of a kind

The Rembrandt collection is characterised by coloured veins that subtly intermingle, making each piece a one of a kind work of art.

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