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Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age ballpoint pen

The Homo Sapiens Dark Age pen invites you to write your story starting from its very origins. A primeval soul meets the spirit of modern man.


Type: Ballpoint pen

Colour: Dark grey

Material: Lava

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A38

Closure type: "twist" mechanism

Metal fittings: Shiny black galvanic treatment

340,00  VAT inc.
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With this purchase you will get a Visconti single pen holder as a gift

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Fountain Pen Rollerball pen

We have been the first to use lava for the creation of a pen. Mount Etna’s lava is crushed into a fine dust that is combined with resin. Once the fountain pen has been molded into shape and polished it feels soft to the touch. All the metal parts are covered in a shiny black protective layer.

Metal finishes

All the metal parts are finished with a shiny black galvanic treatment.


The rollerball pen closes with the classic ‘twist’ mechanism.

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