Homo Sapiens Lava Color roller

Colors have always been a distinctive feature of Visconti's collections. Homo Sapiens Lava Color comes in three nature-inspired colors: the Ash White, the red earth pigment Terra di Siena and Tuff - a type of rock made of volcanic ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption.


Type: Rollerball pen

Colour: Ash White / Terra di Siena / Tuff

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A40

Closure type: Magnetic

Metal fittings: Shiny black galvanic treatment

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The pen is made of a mixture of colored resin and Mount Etna basaltic lava, the Visconti’s well-known and highly valued material, made following our secret formula. This new edition also has an anti-stain treatment that protects the pen and prevents ink from depositing on the pen during the refilling phase.

Penne Visconti collezione homo sapiens lava color

Materials and care

The pen features a special anti-stain treatment. We recommend cleaning the pen with Visconti blotting paper every time you fill it, to make sure that any ink stains are properly removed from the section.

Cappuccio penna stilografica Visconti Homo sapiens lava color Bianco

Closing system

The Lava Color collection features an exclusive magnetic closure system, which makes it easier to use, and sets it apart it from other classic Homo Sapiens pens.

Penna lava color homo sapiens visconti sabbia aperta

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