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Leather gifts for him and her: 5 beautiful and original ideas
Idee regalo accessori in pelle luin e lei

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Leather gifts for him and her: 5 beautiful and original ideas


Finding original and surprising gift ideas that match the style of the person we have in mind can be hard to come by. Why not hit the mark with great leather gifts for him and her? The VSCT leather accessory line is the ideal combination of elegance, practicality and Made in Italy craftsmanship and a guaranteed success when it comes to gifts.

Have fun with the next 5 VSCT leather accessory collection gift ideas which are perfectly suitable for every taste and need!

Leather gifts for the career type

For those who often find themselves travelling for work and need comfort, but never compromise on elegance, the VSCT Laptop Case is perfect for carrying a 13 inch laptop from one meeting to another.

The camouflage variant is recommended for the indomitable soul who prefers a sportier style. If, on the other hand, the person in question is the epitome of class, opt for a timeless black or a warm and cosy cognac. Each variant is available in palmellato leather on the outside and a soft flocked velvet lining on the inside. And to bring an extra touch of elegance, the case features a gold-plated zip slider that recalls the shape of Visconti’s precious fountain pen nibs.

Briefcase camouflage in pelle

Leather gifts for those who love practicality

If you need to find the right gift for someone who is a bit absent-minded and easily misplaces his personal belongings, the fantastic VSCT gusseted Card Holder is the perfect choice. This innovative accessory in elegant palmelatto leather comes with a double snap fastener and combines practicality, comfort and style in one object.

Nowadays, we all have more and more electronic cards and it is often difficult to find room for them all. Thanks the card holder’s four compartments it is possible to organise credit, membership and business cards so that they can easily be taken out when needed. Moreover, between smartphones, earphones and keys, pockets are becoming increasingly full and finding an accessory that is roomy but not bulky is becoming exceedingly difficult. In this case, however, the card holder fits snugly in all pockets without being cumbersome.

Leather gifts for those who are always thinking about their next destination

Thinking of the right gift for the hardened traveller, but still haven’t found something that convinces you? The VSCT Passport Holder, made of soft Italian palmellato leather accommodates all the travel documents a person might need at any given time. In addition to fitting a passport, the internal compartments are made to accommodate boarding passes, electronic documents and credit cards. In short, it contains all the documents needed for travel in one place.

The accessory also comes in three colour variants: camouflage, cognac and black and is embellished with the VSCT logo on the front. Finally, to really make a statement, combine it with the VSCT Luggage Tag, available in the same colours. It comes with a handy card to enter ones address and personal information to help retrieve lost luggage.

Leather gifts for those who have a dynamic lifestyle

One of the latest leather goods in the VSCT collection is designed for those who are always on the move and love practicality without sacrificing style. That’s why the AirPods Case Cover and the AirPods Pro Case Cover are popular with sportsmen and those who frequently travel on foot or by bicycle. This convenient protective cover is the right option to keep the delicate, state-of-the-art wireless earbuds safe from an accidental slip out of clumsy hands or from simply being misplaced while listening to good music on a run or on the early morning commute.

Two extra features make this Made in Italy palmellato leather accessory even more useful: a lanyard that matches the colour of the cover and a gold-plated carabiner. The cover can be worn around the neck or hung from a backpack or trouser loop which makes it ideal for the gym, a trip, a run in the park or simply for a walk in nature.

Leather gifts for those who like to stand out

Last but not least, the elegant VSCT clutch bag is ideal for those who always want to make a statement and stand out with their whimsical and alternative style. This delightful palmellato leather pouch with a soft black flocked velvet lining features a convenient zip closure to safely store precious possessions like a mobile phone, keys and wallet. On the back, a practical pocket makes it possible to store small objects for immediate access.

Here, too, you can choose between the intense green of the camouflage variant, the cognac with caramel tones, and the black that never goes out of fashion. The clutch bag also has a convenient detachable wristlet to comfortably wear it on the wrist.


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