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6 stylish gift ideas for writers
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6 stylish gift ideas for writers


Some write out of passion and have a novel hidden in a drawer; others do it out of convenience to take notes, and finally, some are still attached to their old habits and like to use pen and paper instead of tablets and smartphones. Thus, writers represent a large and diverse audience, where everyone has different needs and characteristics based on their lifestyle and personal tastes. When it comes to finding the right present for a person who likes to write, the task can become complicated, which is why Visconti has come up with these six gift ideas for writers that can make even a simple enthusiast happy to sit down at a desk and write their thoughts on paper. Get inspired and choose the right accessory to surprise your loved ones.

Portapenne singolo in pelle color cognac con elastico Visconti su diario nero

Visconti fountain pens: the essential gift for every writer

Those who love to write often possess a sensitive personality that is attentive to stimuli from the outside world. It is a known fact that professional writers usually draw inspiration from observing nature and various art forms, such as sculpture, painting, or music, to stimulate their creativity and ingenuity.

In turn, Visconti designers took inspiration from some of art’s most celebrated masterpieces to create the elegant Van Gogh fountain pens that reproduce, through acrylic resin, the infinite nuances of the swirling brushstrokes of the artist’s paintings. The collection’s nine variants combined with the three special editions dedicated to a Van Gogh masterpiece will amaze those who love to write. Kindle their creativity with collectible fountain pens’ that offer an overwhelming rainbow of bright, vivid colors. Moreover, thanks to its eye-catching and colorful aesthetics, this collection is perfect for gifting to younger writers approaching these instruments for the first time.

The timeless elegance of the Homo Sapiens Dual Touch is the perfect gift idea for those who enjoy innovation while remaining anchored in the great classics. Indeed, the writing experience with this pen is new and surprising thanks to the clever combination of two materials seemingly distant from each other but that, once united, offer unique tactile sensations. Craftsmanship and industry meet in the marriage of metal and Italian palmelatto leather: the perfect dualism for a pleasant and dynamic writing experience. The Homo Sapiens Dual Touch fountain pen is available in camouflage, cognac, and black versions that perfectly match the accessories of the VSCT leather line.

The inkwell: the right gift for every occasion

Once you’ve identified the perfect Visconti fountain pen model to give as a gift, it is time to consider a must-have accessory on every writing lover’s desk, namely the Visconti signature glass inkwell. This gift idea for writers brings back the magic of the ancient ritual of dipping the nib directly into the ink, a gesture of timeless elegance that accompanies the intimate and reflective moment of the writing process. The innovative design of the glass inkwell bottle combines aesthetics and practicality, thanks to the convenient inner cylinder designed to collect only the correct amount of ink needed to refill the pen, thus avoiding waste. The cap, in the same color as the ink, covers the Bakelite cap that protects against air and temperature variations. For lovers of tradition, choose the classic blue and black color variants, and for the more exuberant writers and letterers, pick brighter shades such as red, sepia, green, or turquoise ink to give a touch of color to their notes and texts.

In addition to devising writing instruments with timeless appeal, Visconti also focuses on the needs of an ever-changing world in which dynamism is the order of the day. Indeed, people who love writing by hand but are always on the move for work or pleasure need an elegant and functional instrument that keeps their fountain pen filled and ready for use. This is why the Florentine brand developed the travel inkwell, which allows you to refill the reservoir of any writing instrument with a piston filling system. This gift idea will allow any writer who spends a lot of time away from home or in the office to never run out of ink and to refill their favorite fountain pen in an easy, clean, and safe way.

The must-have gift for writers and collectors

When a love of writing meets a passion for collecting, the perfect gift comes from the Visconti VSCT’s leather accessory line. The Italian palmellato leather pen case range offers maximum functionality and an elegant, modern style. The numerous models can suit every taste and need as they store the writing instruments of the most ardent collectors. From the larger model of the 12-pen holder for the most demanding to the smaller cases for writing essentials, all the VSCT accessories offer the highest quality, strength, and durability to protect even the most precious jewel-like pens. The 3-pen holder is the most versatile model since, in addition to the comfortable elastic cotton bands to accommodate writing instruments, it also has four compartments for credit cards and documents, making it perfect for everyday life or travel. After all, whether short or long, every journey is worth remembering by putting down memories, experiences, and emotions on paper.


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