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Travelling in style: what to take with you
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Travelling in style: what to take with you


Travelling in style

Where will you take me? To the sea or to the mountains? Island hopping or on a long weekend in an art city? When we talk about travelling, our imagination runs rampant. Travel, an extremely popular and current subject, is often shown through photos and videos, but writing is still a timeless tool to put the beauty of the world into words.

Travelling to tell a story

From the Homeric poems to the vlogs of the most popular youtubers, travel stories have nourished mankind’s wanderlust since the most ancient of times. There are countless literary examples dedicated to this theme, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. 

Without going too far back in time, let’s remember Goethe, the poet who, at the beginning of the 19th century, fell in love with Italy. His two-year journey led him to discover the works of art, natural wonders and people of Italy. In his writings, Rome is his ‘home’ and Naples his ‘paradise’. In search of intellectual stimulation, the writer used the trip bring a new spark of creativity to his work. 

Almost a hundred years later, at the beginning of the 20th century, it was Jack Kerouac who spoke of the endless roads that crossed the boundless American spaces. In his best-known works, the charismatic and multifaceted exponent of the Beat Generation speaks on behalf of an entire generation of globetrotters in search of freedom. 

Much more recently, is the commendable work of Tiziano Terzani, a  leading light for international journalism. As a war correspondent, he spent thirty years travelling around Asia. The Tuscan writer who has turned travel into a powerful means of dissemination is one of the strongest voices of our century.

A safe place for your pens

In our technology obsessed world, finding time away from our devices is becoming increasingly important. Travelling changes our habits and can therefore be an opportunity to reflect on our daily experiences by journaling with pen and paper. ‘Traditionalists’ might choose the luxurious and retro fountain pen while ‘modernists’ may feel more comfortable with the practical and intuitive rollerball or ballpoint. 

Regardless of the type of pen you prefer, consider how to transport it and what accessories to bring for a flawless writing experience throughout your trip. Visconti pens, with their high-quality craftsmanship and innovative filling systems are made to accompany you to faraway destinations and on business trips. And now, the VSCT leather line has been included in the wide array of Visconti products to protect and easily transport your precious writing instrument.

The collection’s pen cases, made from palmetto leather with a stain-resistant treatment and a flocked lining, are the perfect matching accessory for your pen. Designed to hold up to 12 pens, the most travel-friendly versions are those for 2, 3 or 4 pens. The VSCT cases, with their practical zipper and decorative slider are made to keep your writing instrument safe from scratches caused by other items in your bag or suitcase.


Everything in its right place

Our leather envelopes in small and A4 formats were designed to hold documents like brochures, maps and diary pages. Emblazoned with the unmistakable V monogram, these accessories complement any outfit perfectly and can also become a home décor piece when you arrive at your destination. The VSCT line comes in contemporary yet timeless colours: blue, grey, black and cognac

Despite the boom in next-generation apps, our wallets are still full of indispensable cards. Credit cards, driving licences, ID cards all find their place in the VSCT leather card holder. Add a bit of sophistication to your everyday life with this lightweight and multifunctional accessory. 

Now that you’ve found your travel essentials, it’s time to start planning your next trip!

“The best thing about travelling is to get lost. When you get lost, plans give way to surprises, and it is then, but only then, that the journey begins.” – Nicolas Bouvier



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