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Personalised pen gifts: discover My Pen System and Atelier
regalare una penna personalizzata

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Personalised pen gifts: discover My Pen System and Atelier


Personalised pen gifts: discover My Pen System and Atelier

It’s never too late (or too early) to start thinking about gifts for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions. Giving a pen is undoubtedly a gesture with a profound significance. We believe that the smallest things can hold the greatest value and that what makes a true difference is uniqueness. In the sea of writing instruments available online, the possibility to personalise a pen can transform a beautiful object into something that is truly ours. 

Our two customisation services, My Pen System and Atelier, create unique and unparalleled objects. They enable our customers to create a collection of pens that bears their mark over time, or is even designed according to their tastes and specifications. 

My Pen System: pens that bear your name

Sometimes a thought is worth a thousand words. My Pen System allows you to customise all the Visconti pens that include that feature. Thanks to a magnetic mechanism available on most of our creations, our expert craftsmen can personalise the metal disc positioned at the top of the cap or at the bottom of the barrel with the symbol or initials of your choice. 

Whether it’s two letters of the alphabet with a black, silver or gold finish, one of the twelve zodiac signs, or a semi-precious stone, My Pen System is the exclusive service that transforms a Visconti pen into a one-of-a-kind instrument. This solution is perfect for a gift or even to personalise an object that will be treasured over the years and handed down from generation to generation.

My pen system e atelier

Atelier: 360° customised pens

If you have a dream pen in mind, our Atelier is the right place for you. Discuss your stylistic and functional requirements with our expert team and let our craftsmen create a unique object that you can breathe life into with your stories and emotions. 

The pens designed in our Atelier are entirely handmade and fully embody the Visconti DNA. At the base of our philosophy and creative process, there is always a search for beauty, quality and exclusivity, which is why we are driven to create handcrafted, jewel-like pens that respect our high quality standards and meet the personal requirements of each customer. 

Loving someone means knowing their habits and tastes. So why not surprise your nearests and dearests with an object that represents them in every way? Thanks to the insights of our expert team, the meticulous craftsmanship and use of cutting-edge technologies, the Atelier service can undertake a fully customised project that goes from the selection of the design and materials all the way to the choice of colours and finishes.

Our limited editions

If you like classic and exclusive writing instruments, our selection of limited edition pens is a perfect place to start. Fond of architectural references? Discover the Casa Battlò and San Miniato collections which both echo the buildings they take their colours and silhouettes from. 

If you love travel and adventure, you can opt for our limited edition pens inspired by the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Feel the ocean and the sea breeze with the many shades of blue of the Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon and the Opera Master Polynesia collections; set off on a African safari with the colour palette of the Opera Master Savanna, or follow the gentle slopes of the Tuscan countryside with the Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills.

And if you have a soft spot for Tuscany and its cultural heritage, discover allegorical details inspired from the Divine Comedy in the Dante Alighieri collection. Finally, if technical virtuosity is what interests you and you want to add a piece that uses the Skeleton technique to your personal collection, you can be swept away by the kaleidoscopic aesthetics of the Watermark, the silhouette of the Cage and the timeless design inspired by the Bolidismo art movement of the Torpedo.


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