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Keep your important belongings close at hand with the unisex zip pouch
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Keep your important belongings close at hand with the unisex zip pouch


Clutch, zip pouch, pochette. So many different terms for a light, glamorous yet practical accessory. Designed to carry only what is necessary and accompany everyone of your gestures, the clutch is the perfect accessory to match any style without detracting from the line of your body.

Initially seen as a feminine accessory to embellish evening outfits, today the zip pouch lends itself to endless stylistic experimentation. Genderless and ageless, the clutch bag can be worn from morning to night, with a preference for basic plain leather versions during working hours and sophisticated variants studded with crystals and beads for special occasions.

Designed to enhance the modern wardrobe, the Business Travel Collection from the VSCT leather line embodies the essence of the contemporary lifestyle. It covers both the every day needs of the traveller and freelancer with its briefcases, laptop cases and AirPods but goes one step further with the clutch by offering a versatile creation that discreetly completes any look.

Down to the smallest details

The VSCT clutch bag is designed for those who love to travel in style. Crafted from Italian palmellato leather and lined with soft black flocked velvet, the clutch features a practical gold-plated zip closure. The clutch has become an iconic element of the collection in part thanks to its slider, inspired by our gold nibs made entirely in-house.

What makes it even more functional, however, is the cleverly placed pocket on the back, to keep travel documents, smartphones and other small accessories within easy access.

But it is the detachable wristlet, also in palmellato leather, that makes this accessory a real style element. Available in three colours (camouflage, cognac and black), the clutch bag can be carried as a mini handbag, on the wrist or under the arm.

The origins of the pochette

The earliest examples of clutch bags in history, illustrated in timeless works of art, were simple leather or fabric pouches designed to hold money and other small objects, such as needles and jewellery.

The oldest exemplar that comes close to the shape of today’s clutch bag was found near the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, where archaeologists found a small bag over 700 years old that is now on display in one of London’s most famous museums. Forged in brass, this precious object is distinguished by its gold and silver inlays, suggesting that, at the time, the clutch bag was a symbol of economic prosperity.

The contemporary clutch bag

In the late 19th century, the clutch bag became more elongated, anticipating the silhouette of the Fendi Baguette. In the 1920s and 1930s, this accessory was still considered a status symbol; it was only after the Second World War, with the unprecedented talent of Christian Dior, that the clutch bag became accessible to a wider public.

Today, the clutch is a staple in every new collection from iconic maisons and emerging designers alike. From Bottega Veneta to Saint Laurent, from Benedetta Bruzziches to Isabel Marant, the creations of the new generation of designers are offered in timeless materials such as leather and satin and in experimental variants formed in plexiglass and metal mesh.

With a sophisticated design and a strong appeal, the clutch bag branded with the unmistakable Visconti V monogram will bring a touch of style to any look. Which colour best represents your personality?


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