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  • Alexander the Great: the collector’s pen dedicated to the greatest strategist and leader in history
Alexander the Great: the collector’s pen dedicated to the greatest strategist and leader in history
Bas-relief sculpture of Alexander the Great on horseback

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Alexander the Great: the collector’s pen dedicated to the greatest strategist and leader in history


Alexander the Great has been considered the greatest strategist of all time for centuries. His deeds and strong personality have left an indelible mark on Western history. Although the Macedonian leader lived a short life, he died at only 33 in 323 B.C.; his figure has turned into legend thanks to the daring military exploits that enabled him to give birth to one of the largest empires in history, extending from Greece to northern India. Not only is he worth celebrating for his talents as a masterful general, but also as a cultural promoter, who participated in the spread of Hellenic culture, which greatly influenced the language, politics, art, literature, and religion of peoples throughout the empire.

Cofanetto da collezione penna Alexander the Great Visconti su scrivania

Every year Visconti commemorates a great historical figure. In 2023, precisely 1700 years after the death of Alexander the Great, Visconti chose this brave hero, conqueror of vast territories, and man of culture. The best instrument to celebrate him could only be a unique and precious collector’s pen in a limited edition of only 323 pieces.

An ancient decorative technique for the new Alexander the Great collector’s pen

Among the many signature Visconti creations, it is not uncommon to find the use of traditional Florentine jewelry-making to decorate and embellish writing instruments. This time, with the new Alexander the Great collector’s pen, the brand’s master artisans have opted for the ancient decorative scrimshaw technique. The first scrimshaw artists were 18th-century sailors sailing on the Pacific Ocean on whaling ships. Initially using whale bones and teeth or walrus tusks, the crew members of these large ships made decorated objects by engraving designs that were then highlighted by colored pigments so that they were more visible on the clear, smooth surface of the bone. Later, the scrimshaw technique became essential for decorating walking sticks, rifle stocks, and knife handles.

Today, Visconti rediscovers this decorative technique to embellish the collector’s pens in the Alexander the Great collection. The ivory-colored resin barrel and cap feature a meticulously engraved map of Alexander the Great’s empire. The decorative design is then made visible with a sepia-colored ink that enhances every minute detail of the engraving.

Gold, silver, and bronze for an opulent collector’s pen

If the barrel and cap are painstakingly decorated using the scrimshaw technique, the gold, silver, and bronze metal parts recall the grandeur of Alexander the Great’s empire. The fountain pen‘s nib, available in five different sizes, is plated in 18-karat yellow gold. This coloration matches the silver-gilt medallion in the center of the pen’s barrel, depicting the Greek leader’s face. The rest of the metalwork is made of aged bronze and carefully reproduces decorative motifs in the Hellenic style. The band is embellished with the name of Alexander the Great, and the cap’s clip is shaped like a spear, in homage to the Macedonian phalanx that was the protagonist of numerous military campaigns.

A collector’s pen with an incredible display case

The rollerball and fountain pen that make up the Alexander the Great collection come with their specially designed display cases. This collector’s item is the ideal stand to display and store the writing instrument to its best advantage. The elegant set consists of an elegant and refined base bearing the brand’s name and the collection, a practical pen holder, and a fascinating bronze sculpture depicting Alexander the Great riding his steed, Bucephalus. According to legend, the Macedonian hero won the horse after a bet he made with his father when he was only ten years old, saying he could tame even the most unruly of stallions. The facts proved the stubborn and courageous Alexander right, and he succeeded in taming the horse, which became his trusted companion in life and battle. This story, which lives between myth and reality, demonstrates the strong leadership qualities that distinguished Alexander the Great from an early age.

The Alexander the Great collection showcases all the skills of Visconti’s master artisans. For the creation of each collector’s pen they devote themselves to the careful study of different decorative techniques and the design of intricate and elegant writing instruments, which are the result of hours and hours of work. Each specimen is meticulously crafted to tell a story, stir an emotion or commemorate an important historical figure. In this case, Alexander the Great is celebrated for his heroic deeds and as an example of an enlightened leader who, despite his many conquests, showed openness and respect for the cultural heritage, customs and traditions of his people.


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