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Art and nature: the new Lotus Garden pen
Penna stilografica e cappuccio Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden davanti a foglie e fiori di loto su sfondo nero.

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Art and nature: the new Lotus Garden pen


Nature takes center stage once again with the latest creation by Visconti. The new Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden transports us directly to the dreamy atmosphere of an Oriental natural landscape where the perfect harmony between art and nature reigns.

Penna stilografica Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden appoggiata su foglia di loto con su sfondo nero.

Homo Sapiens, a celebration of nature

It is not the first time that Visconti celebrates the strong connection between the artistry of pen-making and nature. The masterpieces in the Homo Sapiens line take inspiration from the most striking landscapes on our planet. The dark and porous basaltic lava from Mount Etna was chosen as the raw material for the Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze, while the deep blue, white and turquoise hues that swirl along the barrel of the Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon mirror the fluctuating movements of waves on the white sand of the tropics. The Homo Sapiens Tuscan Hills collection captures the beauty of the rolling hills with their vineyards and cypress that draw visitors in droves to the region each year. A thousand shades of green and brown ‘brushstrokes’ evoke the infinite hues of the landscape formed of wheat fields, olive groves, and dense forests. A trip to Arizona, where the blazing orange sky at sunset merges with the red desert sand, inspired the elegant Homo Sapiens Arizona Sunset. Through the skillful use of acrylic resin, Visconti artisans reproduced a mix of warm, amber shades reminiscent of the evocative gorges of the Grand Canyon and the striking play of light when sunrays penetrate from above and illuminate the rock face.

The new Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden collection

Visconti celebrates the marriage of art and nature with the new Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden collection, available in a limited edition of 888 iconic pieces. The new creation takes inspiration from the natural grace of the lotus flower, a plant that can bloom and flourish despite all adversity. Immersed in the mud of ponds and slow-moving rivers, the pristine and elegant lotus continues to bloom, representing rebirth in a difficult world tainted by impurities.

In the collective imagination, the lotus enchants not only with its natural beauty but also strong symbolism. It is no coincidence that the Japanese term used for this flower is hasu, literally ‘purity of soul’ and is associated with strength, resilience, and rebirth. For Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus flower is sacred and represents the integrity of body and mind and the spiritual elevation of the virtuous man who, even in the hardest of times, can rise, just like the Homo Sapiens.


The vibrant colors of the lotus garden in an iconic new collection

Visconti’s skilled craftsmen have once again been able to perfectly reproduce the striking landscape of the lotus garden through the use of nature-inspired and distinctive shades: lilac, white and green are the predominant tones, masterfully combined thanks to the use of acrylic resin, which allows the creation of a psychedelic swirl of colors, in which each shade manages to stand out and enhance the other. In addition, the brass metalwork, finished in black PVD, offers a striking and elegant contrast between the bright colors of the barrel and the metal components. During PVD – physical vapor deposition – a solid material is vaporized on a surface in a vacuum. This innovative technology improves the appearance and durability of the metal finish.

The Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden fountain pen features a fine ruthenium-plated 18-karat gold nib and the Power Filler filling system with dual reservoirs. The collection also includes the Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden rollerball pen featuring the Refill A40 filling system.

A collection that symbolizes rebirth

While today the lotus flower is mainly associated with Eastern cultures, it is interesting to remember that this aquatic plant was also common in ancient Egypt. It bloomed after the Nile river flooded and was used during religious rites honoring the gods. Even in the Odyssey, Odysseus encounters lotus flower eaters, but in this case, Greek mythology associated the flower with memory loss. Different cultures may have attributed different meanings to the lotus flower but agree overall that it symbolizes the power of spiritual regeneration.

Art and nature come together in the Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden collection: a wonderful handcrafted creation that brings to life the spectacular hues of a lotus garden in a symbolic metaphor of rebirth. Why not celebrate a loved one’s new career or life change with an elegant and original writing instrument?


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