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Divina Elegance Wave: the turquoise pen inspired by the sea
turquoise nautilus with fibonacci sequence superimposed in white

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Divina Elegance Wave: the turquoise pen inspired by the sea


As spring arrives and summer draws ever closer, Visconti launches its latest creation inspired by the beauty of the ocean. The Divina Elegance Wave, the new turquoise pen collection, brings to mind the undisputed charm of sinuous waves crashing on the shore with its marine colors and shapes.

The creative minds and skillful hands of Visconti’s artisans have reinterpreted the iconic Divina Elegance collection in a softer, more delicate key without ever renouncing its typical elegance and refinement.

Penna Divina Wave Visconti sopra disegno di nautilus

Inspired by the perfection of nature

The Divina Elegance is now a cult among the historic Florentine luxury pen brand collections. It is synonymous with absolute elegance thanks to its shapes inspired by the perfection of nature. In particular, the pen draws from three fundamental elements to create the sinuous movement of the barrel and cap: the golden ratio, the nautilus, and the pentagram. The relationship between the length of the cap and the pen as a whole, both when open and when closed, precisely reflects the divine proportion. The golden ratio is also often found in the works of many artists, especially in Renaissance paintings and in many examples of Greek architecture, demonstrating the close link between art and nature.

Continuing in the vein that unites mathematics, art, and painting, it is impossible not to mention the nautilus, a mollusk from the Pacific Ocean characterized by a shell that develops according to a fascinating logarithmic spiral to which the golden section seems to be applied. The Fibonacci sequence can be used to create a series of consecutive rectangles on which quarter-circle arcs are traced to approximate the golden spiral. The curling structure of the Divina Elegance fountain pen and all the writing instruments in the collection, including the Wave version, is inspired by this extraordinary seashell which, once again, demonstrates the intelligence of nature that creates perfect elements.

Finally, the pentagram, with its five parallel and equidistant horizontal lines, serves as inspiration for the shape of the fountain pen, which features the addition of 925 silver inlays inserted one by one by hand along the entire barrel and cap, following the spiral movement of the structure.

The boundless power of the sea in the new Divina Elegance Wave

All these characteristics are also present in the latest addition to the Visconti family: the Divina Elegance Wave. This time, however, the sea, with its powerful waves and infinite shades of blue, inspires and creates an exceptional example of quiet luxury, thanks to its pastel shades, impeccable elegance, and lack of glitz. However, this is not to say that the new turquoise pen will go unnoticed; on the contrary, it succeeds in meeting everyone’s taste and immediately arousing feelings of relaxation precisely because of its delicacy and apparent simplicity.

The Divina Elegance Wave, in its three fountain, roller, and ballpoint variants, captures in its shape and structure the power of the waves whose incessant movement marks the passing of time, showing how things can change while remaining the same. Observing their ebb and flow regenerates body and mind, helps meditation, and infuses the observer with renewed energy. The spiral shape of the new turquoise pen is reminiscent of the swirling movements of the sea, while its soft color recalls the infinite shades of the waters that caress the shores of the most beautiful beaches of Italy.

The manufacturing process of this splendid turquoise pen is complex and meticulous: the silver filaments that decorate the entire writing instrument are inserted by hand one at a time, making the Divina Elegance Wave a true jewel with 925 silver metalwork, made even more precious by the anti-tarnish alloy that protects the metal from oxidation. In addition, the nib is strictly 18-carat gold. However, it comes in a palladium color to better match the metalwork and aqua green, making the fountain pen instantly recognizable. From a more strictly technical point of view, the pen features a bayonet closure and a Pull & Turn filling system. To refill the ink chamber, extract the bottom by hand and turn the knob that activates the piston.

The sea in your pocket

The Divina Elegance Wave once again confirms the remarkable creativity and craftsmanship of the Visconti house. Each writing instrument becomes a masterpiece inspired by the world of nature, with its harmonious and elegant shapes. This pen is designed for those who love owning a sophisticated, refined, yet understated writing instrument. It is also the perfect gift for those who escape the city as soon as possible to relax in front of the boundless horizon of the sea.

Each time you hold this collector’s turquoise pen, your thoughts will immediately go back to summer evenings strolling along the seafront with the soft lapping of the waves on the rocks in the background and the sea breeze caressing your face.


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