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How to refill Visconti pens
How to refill Visconti pens


How to refill Visconti pens


Refill Visconti pens

Visconti pens are the result of a series of meticulous handcrafted processes. Our writing instruments come equipped with innovative filling systems, such as the double reservoir filling system and the High Vacuum Power Filler system. In order to help you avoid accidentally damaging your pen, follow our illustrated step by step guide to learn how to refill our fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens as well as the different types of filling systems.

Double reservoir filling system

The double reservoir filling system, patented by Visconti in 1998, gives the pen a much longer autonomy. Its two airtight separate chambers prevents unwanted ink leakage. The double reservoir system can be refilled in two stages: directly from the ink cup and from the bigger chamber to the smaller reservoir.

Filling the High Vacuum Power Filler system from an inkwell

To fill the ink reservoir of a pen with the High Vacuum Power Filler system (patented by Visconti in 1993), first unscrew the blind cap (fig. 1) and pull out the plunger completely. Watch out for possible ink spillage if the pen is full. Then, proceed with the complete immersion of the nib in the ink; in one fluid motion, press the plunger downwards, and count to five, to give the pen time to charge (fig.2). At this point, all you need to do is remove the pen from the ink, screw the cap back on with the nib facing downwards (fig.3) and remove the excess ink from the nib with absorbent paper.

Caricamento Power Filler

Filling the small reservoir

As you write, the ink in the small reservoir will eventually run out (Fig. 4). To refill it, unscrew the blind cap without pulling out the plunger and keep the nib pointing downwards (fig.5) to allow the ink to drain from the large reservoir into the small one (fig.6). Finally, screw the blind cap back on and your pen will be ready for use.

N.B. If you need to ship the pen or travel, it is advisable to remove the ink from the small reservoir. To do so, unscrew the blind cap and let the ink return to the large reservoir (remember to keep the nib tilted upwards as in fig.7). Then, still from the same position, screw the cap back on. It is recommended to periodically clean the writing unit, nib and feed, by filling and emptying the pen several times with water, especially when the pen has been out of use for extended periods of time.

Sistema riempimento penna stilo

Piston Filler and Pull & Turn Filling System

Another fountain pen filling method is the piston one. In this case, you must first unscrew the cap counterclockwise to access the piston (fig.1), and then continue to rotate it counterclockwise to empty the reservoir (fig.2). Immerse the nib fully in the ink before proceeding to turn the plunger clockwise (fig.3). Once the pen is full, gently unscrew the plunger (fig.4) to remove a few drops of ink back into the bottle. To complete the filling process, simply screw the plunger back in with the nib facing upwards (fig.5) and dry the nib and the feed with paper towels.

The Pull & Turn variant isn’t equipped with a blind cap that unscrews, but a plunger that must be pulled out to allow the filling and emptying of the reservoir (fig. 6). Once the charging procedure is complete, the plunger must be pressed back into its original position.

Caricamento serbatoio piccolo

Converter loading system

The converter filling system comes with a refillable cartridge with a small piston mechanism (the converter can also be removed and replaced with a simple cartridge). To load the fountain pen with this system, unscrew the blind cap from the barrel and completely submerge the nib in the ink (fig.1), turn the converter head clockwise to load the pen, and then expel one to two drops of ink back into the bottle (fig.2). Complete the filling process by screwing the plunger with the nib tilted  upwards (fig.3). At the end of the process, the nib is removed from the ink by carefully removing the excess ink drops and the plunger is screwed back onto the barrel (fig.4).

Sistema di caricamento converter

How to refill ballpoint and rollerball pens

Our ballpoint pens are filled using a standard refill. To replace it, unscrew the cap without losing the spring inside the tip. 

Caricamento penne a sfera

The Visconti rollerball pen refill contains a special ink formulated to provide a smooth and extremely soft stroke. Normally, rollerball pens must stay capped to prevent them from drying out, but ours have a specially designed ‘safety system’ that allows you to leave the pen uncapped for a longer period of time.

Caricamento penne roller


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