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Divine Matte: a tribute to essentiality and elegance
Spiral made of white and red light on black background

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Divine Matte: a tribute to essentiality and elegance


Amongst Visconti’s designs, numerous pens catch the eye for their sophisticated and timeless aesthetics. These undoubtedly include the magnificent jewel pens of the Divina Elegance collection, embellished with silver threads inserted by hand thanks to the goldsmith technique of inlaying. For this iconic collection, Visconti’s designers took inspiration from the perfection of nature, the golden number, the nautilus, and the pentagram.

Illustrazione Leonardo da Vinci in negativo (bianco su rosso) con sequenza di Fibonacci

After the striking declinations of Divina Elegance Wave and Divina Dario Argento, we now add the bold Divina Matte collection with its unmistakable design and contemporary finishes. The spiral of golden proportions that embraces the pen barrel in the Divina Elegance collection also distinguishes the specimens of the new series, wrapped in this case in an elegant matte dress in black and burgundy. The keyword for this new creation is essentiality. This concept perfectly embodies the moment’s minimalist trends, which have become imperative in many areas.

Matte finishes to enhance the essentiality of shapes

The elegant and sinuous shapes of Divina Matte are enhanced by a fine matte resin finish, which gives a sensual and velvety aesthetic. The world of interior design was the first to fall under the spell of the dusty, textured finishes that increasingly mark contemporary environments. Indeed, the glossy finish, long considered synonymous with elegance, has given way to matte effects that ennoble everyday objects, interiors, and automobiles. The tactile experience of the matte finish becomes delicate and sensual, while the visual experience is immediately relaxing.

Also, in Divina Matte, the surfaces of the barrel and cap blend into each other, allowing for visual, tactile, and chromatic continuity. The return to essential lines comes with the absence of excessive decoration, for a sober and straightforward aesthetic that becomes an emblem of quiet luxury. The collection features three types of pens: fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint to better choose the most suitable instrument for everyday needs and a smooth and pleasant writing experience.

Black and burgundy: classic colors for contemporary finishes

The Divina Matte black version is perfect for those who like a color that always matches. Its gritty, bold style is ideal for those with strong personalities who want to stand out. The matte black coloring enhances the movement of the spiral and pairs with the ruthenium plating of the metalwork, which also includes the fountain pen’s 14-karat gold nib. Thanks to the timeless appeal of black, this version possesses a bold, unmistakably elegant rock n’roll soul.

Bordeaux has always been the color associated with royalty, nobility, and passion. With its perfect blend of purple and brown, the Divina Matte Bordeaux will win the heart of any enthusiast who wishes to collect a precious writing instrument. The matte burgundy finish and rose gold-plated metal parts, which shimmer in the light, make the pen’s clean and essential lines sumptuous. Whether it be summer or winter, burgundy is trendy all year round, instilling confidence and charm in the wearer. The color of the Divina Matte, a symbol of seduction and strength, bridges the classic and the contemporary.


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