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Opera Gold: an homage to the greatest opera composers
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Opera Gold: an homage to the greatest opera composers


The Opera Gold collection is a tribute to the great masters of opera -Verdi, Puccini, Mozart, Rossini, and others. These famous opera composers still enchant millions of fans with their harmonious melodies and the compelling adventures of their protagonists. Visconti could not help but be inspired by this noble art form, which traditionally comes to life in historic and opulent venues that, with their decorations, serve as the backdrop for extraordinary performances of the most famous operas.

The elegant coffered ceilings, gilded boxes, and red draperies of the most beautiful Italian theaters inspired the refined Opera Gold collection featuring fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens.

cappuccio penna Opera Gold in nero e oro Visconti davanti a spartito musicale

The greatness of opera

Considering the prominence of opera in Italy, it is easy to understand why Visconti chose to celebrate this renowned cultural segment. Legend has it that the first opera was born in Florence around 1570, thanks to Giovanni Bardi and a group of musicians called the Camerata de’ Bardi. This small Renaissance orchestra gave birth to a new performance that added singing to the usual acting. In 1589, the Medici, who had always been interested in art in all its forms, decided to commission this fledgling opera composer to write a theatrical and musical piece for the wedding of Ferdinando de’ Medici and Christina of Lorraine. Thus was born the Intermedi della Pellegrina, considered the true precursor of opera and an immediate success. It allowed members of other European courts to become acquainted with this new genre, thus laying the foundation for the development of opera in Italy and Europe. Opera composers also played a crucial role in spreading the Italian language abroad, so much so that, until the 18th century, the texts of all operas were strictly in Italian. The aristocrats of most European courts of the time studied Italian to be able to follow the opera librettos performed in the theater.

Resin and gold dust for the Opera Gold

Thus, not only is opera typically Italian musical genre its very origins can be traced back to Florence, the city of Visconti. Once again, the Tuscan capital, a symbol of Renaissance art and beauty, serves in part as an inspiration to bring the Opera Gold collection to life.

The writing instruments in the collection are made of a special acrylic resin that creates unique and ever-changing shades on each pen. The gold powder mixed into the resin creates brilliant swirls and iridescent veins that add a touch of absolute elegance and luxury to the collection. Opera Gold is available in three colors, each more beautiful than the last. The red variant immediately recalls the colors that traditionally characterize the opera house: the gold of the boxes and baroque decorations and the red velvet of the curtain. Blue, on the other hand, recalls the night scenes of the starry sky, while black conjures the excitement and energy of the opera before the show begins. All the colors perfectly match the golden metalwork, made with the sandblasting technique and then plated with yellow gold. The pen’s design is classic yet bold and appealing. The great innovation of the Opera Gold fountain pen is its large yellow gold-plated stainless steel nib, available in fine, medium, and broad sizes.

The pen also features an exquisite engraving of a Florentine four-lobed symbol connected to the traditional V of the Visconti logo on its band. This particular design takes inspiration from the bronze panels by Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti found on the northern door of the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence.

Opera Gold is the perfect collection for a journey through a world where every emotion, particularly love, is portrayed with extreme force and pathos on stage. Each writing instrument in the collection conveys these feelings and celebrates the musical genius of the greatest opera composers from Italy and beyond.


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