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Pens inspired by the Renaissance art of Florence
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Pens inspired by the Renaissance art of Florence


Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, was the creative epicenter for numerous artists and architects. Still today, Visconti’s designers and artisans draw inspiration from the city’s vast artistic and cultural heritage. The brand’s pen collections include several writing instruments inspired by the Renaissance art of Florence and its greatest patrons, who fostered the flourishing artistic production of the time.

penna stilografica Medici davanti ad una finestra con vista sul battistero di Firenze

The Medici Collection

In this regard, the Medici collection is dedicated to one of the most influential dynasties in Italian history, which contributed like no other to the glory and splendor of Florence. The members of the Medici family were very fond of art. They considered it an essential political means to consolidate their power over the city and the entire Grand Duchy, so much so that they promoted several patronage initiatives, starting precisely with Cosimo, known as The Elder, who enriched the Dantean city with churches and sumptuous palaces. Therefore, a collection celebrating the grandeur of the Medici line, inspired by the colors of Florentine mosaics in pietre dure and the shapes of the city’s most emblematic buildings, was a must-have in Visconti’s offering.

The Medici collection consists of a fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pen, available in three colors: golden black, golden blue, and rose gold. The shades are vivid and brilliant thanks to the special acrosilk resin that contains silk fibers that give the pen a luminous and elegant effect. Another unique feature is the proportions of the pen’s structure. The barrel and cap are designed following the rules of the golden ratio, the notable mathematical proportion symbolizing beauty and harmony found in many Renaissance art. Finally, the pens in the Medici collection feature eight facets along the barrel that recall the octagonal shape of the Baptistery of St. John and a chiseled fleur-de-lis on the ring of the barrel, a historic symbol of the city of Florence.

The Rinascimento HRH collection

One of the most exclusive Visconti collections is Rinascimento HRH, which represents the perfect marriage of craftsmanship and fine jewelry, two art forms that unite to create a precious writing instrument. This collection belongs to the Heritage editions, which includes a selection of limited pens born from the creativity and craftsmanship of artisans throughout the brand’s history and features high-quality raw materials such as gems and refined detailing.

The Renaissance HRH collection is a source of pride for the Florentine brand because it fully celebrates Renaissance art and architecture. The 14-karat solid gold pen barrel takes inspiration from the opulence of the interior decorations of Brunelleschi’s Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral. The special edition includes two variants: the Renaissance Opium HRH and the Renaissance King of Diamonds HRH fountain pen, distinguished by different precious gems. The Opium variant features a barrel embellished with as many as 120 rubies that recreate the effect of a field of poppies; the King of Diamonds specimen, considered the top of the line, is studded in diamonds. Measuring 13 mm in diameter and weighing 35 grams, this fountain pen is among the finest and most precious masterpieces ever created by Visconti. In addition, all non-metallic parts of the writing instrument are made of ebonite, a smooth and refined material traditionally used to produce fountain pens.

The Il Magnifico collection

Il Magnifico, a historic collection from Visconti, is dedicated to Lorenzo de’ Medici, a great exponent of the dynasty of the same name that long ruled the city of Florence. A brand with such a Florentine DNA could not help but celebrate one of the protagonists of the city’s history who so encouraged the activity of the most celebrated Renaissance artists. Lorenzo, known as Il Magnifico, quickly became one of the most important patrons of his time and promoted the works of the likes of Giuliano da Sangallo, Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Perugino, Michelangelo, and Leonardo.

Visconti today presents the sixth edition of the Il Magnifico collection in the limited edition Egyptian Marble version of only 188 pieces, which, in addition to celebrating the great Florentine patron, pay homage to the precious Egyptian marbles used in Italy in many sculptures from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The Egyptian Marble fountain pen and rollerball pen, which comprise the collection, feature a barrel with the typical yellow-gold veining of Egyptian marble. The gold veins derive from mineral deposits in the limestone before it was shaped by the extreme heat and pressure of the earth’s crust. The aged bronze and brass metalwork matches well with the warm, golden hue of the marble. The cap, in particular, is embellished with a sophisticated decoration of miniature lilies made by Visconti’s goldsmiths. The nib, the real soul of the fountain pen, is made of 18-karat gold and perfectly echoes the golden color of the brass bands and the cap clip, contributing to the perfect harmony of the whole.

Florence and Renaissance art in Visconti's masterpieces

The bond between Visconti, Florence, and Renaissance art is indissoluble. The city and its beauty are a valuable source of inspiration for creating new writing instruments that are always different and original, united by an unmistakable style and the choice of fine raw materials. Through the pens inspired by Renaissance art, Visconti has enriched its production with true masterpieces that have entered the hearts of many enthusiasts and become precious objects to be treasured like jewels.


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