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VSCT Visconti’s leather collection
VSCT la nuova linea di pelletteria artigianale Visconti


VSCT Visconti’s leather collection


VSCT Visconti’s leather collection

The VSCT leather collection perfectly complements our range of luxury pens and watches. Leather making is part of the Florentine cultural and artisanal heritage. Expert skills and knowledge have been passed from generation to generation of craftsmen to produce the finest and most elegant leather goods. Visconti’s accessories embody the perfect synthesis of quality materials, sophisticated design and functionality. 

The VSCT collection, with its series of pen cases, card and document holders, embellishes homes and complements outfits. Crafted in fine water-repellent and scratch-resistant cowhide, the pieces of the collection are designed and produced in Italy, a country renowned for its leather tanning mastery.

The origins of Tuscan leather tanning

Craftsmanship needs to be rooted in the history of a place and to establish itself over centuries to become truly outstanding. Tuscany was already known for tanning leather, centuries before the trade officially flourished during the Italian Renaissance. The earliest evidence of this art dates back to the Etruscan time on the Thyrrenian coast, and then to the Middle Ages, when in 1200, under the Republic of Pisa, raw materials became more widely available.

Two centuries later, after the conquest of Pisa by Florence, the wealthy classes of the Tuscan capital invested in leather processing, attracting tanners of the Cuoiai guild from Pisa and the Valdarno region. The tanneries were located in the alleys linking Piazza Santa Croce to Piazza della Signoria, hence the names Via dei Conciatori and Via della Concia. 

Leather tanning is one of the few sectors that survived the severe crisis of the 17th century. It ensured economic prosperity for the region’s main economic centres. Over the years leather tanning evolved to meet the needs of a growing international demand. Bovine hides were mainly used to make shoe uppers and soles while goat and lamb skins were used for accessories and garments such as gloves and corsets, as well as for furniture making. Today, Florentine leather goods continue to be the flagship of Tuscan craftsmanship, contributing to 28% of the national leather production turnover.

Oggetti in pelle Visconti

A style statement

The VSCT accessory line is made from palmellato cowhide. Its timeless design was made with the stylish globetrotter in mind. In tanning jargon, ‘palmellato’ refers to a finishing operation. The leather is placed on a board and passed through two cylinders with a horizontal axis, lined with rubber or cork until softened. 

The accessories are lined with Mondial, a stain-resistant synthetic leather, silk moiré or flocked velvet, to protect writing instruments and precious objects. The pen cases come in a variety of sizes that can hold up to 12 pens. They are embellished with forged gold metalwork which adds a touch of brightness to the overall effect, and a zipper slider inspired by the iconic Visconti nib shape and design. The single pen holder features a practical elasticated cotton band to secure the pen to a tablet or document holder. 

Our key tray, made of highly resistant leather, is the perfect stylish and practical gift. Decorated with the company’s identifying symbol, the V monogram, this accessory is both a decorative object and functional item. Our pocket-sized card holders are the ideal accessories to store banknotes and credit cards: a truly compact and sophisticated alternative to the standard wallet. 

Finally, our leather envelopes, available in two sizes, feature the ton sur ton Visconti logo on a fine leather base. The small envelope includes two internal compartments for credit cards and another two for banknotes, so that useful essentials are always within reach. The large A4 envelope has a practical magnetic closure system and is large enough to hold a tablet and documents. 

Let yourself be inspired by the stylish VSCT collection. This range of leather accessories is perfect as a gift for a loved one, or to add a distinguished element to your outfit.


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