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Mirage fountain pen

A mirror image, a reflection, an optical effect that reveals a reality changing illusion.


Type: Fountain Pen

Colour: Amber / Aqua / Coral / Emerald / Horn / Night Blue

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Regular

Nib: Steel (small)

Nib colour: Steel

Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B

Filling: Cartridge / Converter

Closure type: Magnetic

Finishing: Palladium

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The Mirage pen is made in resin. The subtle coloured swirls in the resin give the pen a sense of life and motion.

The Shape

The fountain pen’s fluid and harmonious lines link the barrel to the cap. The only contrasting elements are the iconic Visconti clip and cap band. The delicate grooves that alternate on barrel and cap make the colours within the resin shift and move, transforming the whole pen in a living, breathing object.

Metal fittings and clip

The pen’s metal parts are made of polished brass that is subsequently palladium plated.

The Mirage fountain pen closes magnetically and the laser engraved Visconti logo decorates the clip.

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