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Homo Sapiens Demo Stones Collection

Seductive transparencies and harmonious proportions meet the iconic design of the Homo Sapiens collection. Our continuous research has led us to ask: can matter be ethereal? The answer is in the new Homo Sapiens Demo Stones. Its true power is born out of its natural encounter with light, which gives life to its transparency, density, splendour and fluidity.

“Everything, in light, has the transparency of air.”


Antonio Barolini


What could be more brilliant, transparent and powerful than precious stones? For the colours of the Homo Sapiens Demo Stones, we were inspired by the beauty of the most sought-after coloured gems. Emerald for dark green, sapphire for deep blue and ruby for intense red. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds have been admired for their rich colours for thousands of years.


Visconti’s ability to make beautiful demonstrator pens is renowned around the world. We have set ourselves the challenge of making perfection visible. Transparency is not purely an aesthetic choice, but also a way to reveal the beating heart of our demonstrator pen.

Homo Sapiens Demo Stones fountain pen

Available in other colours

Homo Sapiens Demo Stones rollerball pen

Available in other colours

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