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Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Collection

Our creative impetus has pushed us to forge the first-ever writing instrument made of Mount Etna lava.


“Each time I see a mountain

I expect it to transform into a volcano.”

Italo Svevo

Our Inspiration

The prehistoric man molds the lava derived obsidian into fundamental tools for his survival.

We have created a writing instrument inspired by this ingenious creator and primordial volcanic material.


The combination of catalysed Mount Etna basaltic lava and resin is made according to our secret formula.

It creates an unbreakable, moisture absorbing, and velvety material that has revolutionised the writing world.

Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age fountain pen


Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age rollerball pen


Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age ballpoint pen


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