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Rembrandt Collection

If you close your eyes and imagine a beautiful and elegant pen, you are probably visualising a Rembrandt.

This collection of fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens is inspired by the Dutch master. Just like him, these writing instruments are innovative and timeless.


“To paint a battle

requires those mighty

artists with chaos

in their brush.”

Victor Hugo


Rembrandt’s artistic mastery draws the viewer in, but what keeps us hypnotised is the reflection of his subjects’ souls.

A chiaroscuro poem

This well known and loved collection is inspired by Rembrandt’s magical use of light and shadows.

His work, though classically inspired shines with a modernity that still surprises contemporary audiences.

Rembrandt fountain pen

Available in other colours

Rembrandt rollerball pen

Available in other colours

Rembrandt ballpoint pen

Available in other colours

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