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Christmas Calligraphy
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Christmas Calligraphy


Christmas Calligraphy

Christmas is the perfect time of year to get together with loved ones, share magical moments and exchange gifts and greetings. It’s a great time to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. With the emergence of new technologies and social media, now accessible to most, communication often takes place online. 

Digital communication offers many advantages, the most important one probably being immediacy. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of this form of communication is the lack of uniqueness and physicality. It is much harder to save and treasure messages sent digitally. 

Pen and paper remain the most effective tools to emotionally connect with others. And what better occasion than Christmas to put down on paper all the tenderness we feel for our loved ones? These expressive words can complete a gift, or simply to spell out what you are unable to say out loud. A letter, a poem, a sentence of congratulations or comfort: any text, when written by hand can become more personal and heartfelt.

Festive typefaces

In order to practice your hand at calligraphy, why not use typographic fonts as inspiration? Pull out your favourite fountain pen and get into the festive mood by trying to replicate these typical Christmas fonts with our inks. Our collection of accessories includes everything you need to get your writing instruments ready for use: from the travel inkwell to the Van Gogh ink bottle, from fountain pen converters to ballpoint and rollerball pen refills.

In order to get you started on your holiday calligraphy, we have compiled a list of interesting Christmas typefaces, highlighting the special features of each one.

One Starry Night

Designed by Brittney Murphy Designs, this typeface is characterised by short, irregular strokes and capital letters reminiscent of the Baroque style. Perfect for children to try out because of its naive and ‘imperfect’ shapes.


Font per auguri di Natale

Candy Cane

This typographic style created by Michel Bujardet recalls the shape of the candy canes used to decorate Christmas wreaths and trees. This font lends itself very well to being coloured with the typical red and green colours of the holiday season.


font candy cane

Chopin Script

Elegant and tapered, the Chopin Script was created in 1999 as a remake of Phil Martin’s Polonaise style. Its curved lines are pleasantly reminiscent of the old-fashioned and elegant lines drawn with a quill and Indian ink.


Chopin Script

Christmas on Crack

This font by Lovelace, aka Parallax, is a play on the Gothic style with accentuated angular elements. Available in upper and lower case, Christmas on Crack gives character to personalised cards and posters.


Christmas on Crack

Shipped Goods

With sleek, sinuous lines, this typographic font brings to mind the writing style of 19th century documents. More refined than other Christmas typefaces, it can be used for old-fashioned letters or greetings cards.


Shipped Goods


Every typeface, including the Christmas themed ones, draw their inspiration from historical scripts. Read more about their origin in Calligraphy, when writing becomes art and discover how various written languages evolved from ideograms and phonemes.

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