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Elegant pens: much more than an accessory
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Elegant pens: much more than an accessory


The result of hours and hours of painstaking craftsmanship, Visconti pens are characterised by their sophisticated aesthetics. Our collections’ timeless designs and refined details never compromise on elegance. Forged using traditional Florentine artisan techniques such as goldsmithing and fine leatherworking, all the pens in our line are conceived not as simple writing instruments, but as jewels to be handed down from generation to generation.

The hypnotic silhouette of the Divina Elegance

The Divina Elegance, one of Visconti’s most fascinating pens, is a writing instrument that reinterprets the classic aesthetic canons of pen production by recalling the shape of the pentagram. The ergonomic silhouette of the Divina Elegance represents the four natural elements that give life to a fifth element, the supernatural one.

In addition, to achieve a balanced shape, the pen replicates Fibonacci’s nautilus sequence. The ratio between the length of the cap and the length of the pen, whether open or closed, follows the golden ratio.

The creation of the Divina Elegance requires a great deal of craftsmanship. It all starts with the machining of the resin parts on numerically controlled machines, and then continues with the creation of the silver metalwork. The body and cap feature 10 grooves made of silver inlays inserted manually one by one in an extremely complex process that leaves no room for error. Following a 48-hour drying period, the pen is fed back into the CNC machine to complete the design and then hand finishing and polished.

Available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen versions and in three colour variants (bordeaux, black and imperial blue), the Divina Elegance collection is embellished with an 18kt white gold nib, produced entirely in-house, and silver metalwork.

The materiality of Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze

By mixing basaltic lava from Mt. Etna with a special resin formula, we have succeeded in creating a writing instrument that is unbreakable, hygroscopic and velvety to the touch. Essential and refined, our Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze is designed with a harmonious and well-proportioned silhouette that guarantees both maximum comfort and stylishness.

The Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze collection is the first to be made from a material as unique as lava stone. Durable and opaque, obsidian gives a materic and velvety feel to the pen that guarantees a pleasant writing experience.

In this luxury collection, aesthetic elegance goes hand in hand with technical virtuosity. The cap connects to the barrel with a bayonet system: to close the pen, twist the pen slightly, while to open it, simply push the cap towards the barrel and gently rotated.

The dualism of the Homo Sapiens Dual Touch

We have also included the Homo Sapien Dual Touch among our most elegant pens. Crafted in metal and made-in-Italy palmelatto leather, this vintage-style creation takes us back in time.

Contemporary yet timeless, the palette chosen for the collection echoes that of the VSCT leather accessory line. The cognac leather barrel is juxtaposed with yellow gold metal elements; the black leather barrel is paired with black metal for a tone on tone total black effect; and the camouflage leather barrel is contrasted with rose gold elements. The fine cowhide leather trim in each colour variant is treated to resist scratches, stains and colour fading.

The Homo Sapiens Dual Touch fountain pen is fitted with an 18 kt gold nib. Its band, clip and nib are finished in rose gold. The accompanying case, printed with the Visconti monogram, protects and adds an extra touch of style to a fascinating writing instrument. Craftsmanship and industrial techniques combine to offer a contrast of materials and tactile sensations that brings a new level of dynamism to your writing experience.

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