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The Rembrandt-S collection: pens inspired by the genius of chiaroscuro
Penna ispirata al pittore del chiaroscuro

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The Rembrandt-S collection: pens inspired by the genius of chiaroscuro


Building on the success of the historic and much-loved Visconti Rembrandt collection, Visconti chose to experiment further with the famous Dutch painter’s play of light and shadow in a new range of luxury pens that give rise to the latest Rembrandt-S collection.

The evolution of chiaroscuro in a pen

The Rembrandt-S pays homage to the master of chiaroscuro through the creative processing of acrylic resin in bright, deep colours. After studying the painter’s most famous masterpieces, our design team identified four recurring colour variants and brought them to life in pen form: bright orange, intense blue, elegant burgundy and, finally, black streaked with iridescent colour nuances, for a striking effect. Looking at the numerous portraits and masterpieces created by Rembrandt in the so-called Golden Age, one can find all these shades, masterfully applied to emphasise the absolute mastery of light in his art. Through an extraordinary use of colour and shadow, his paintings delve into the psychology of the protagonists and skilfully reproduce all facets of human existence and emotion.

Rembrandt s stilografica

With the latest launch of the Rembrandt-S collection, Visconti takes a further step towards the exaltation of colour. It also draws a interesting parrallel between the art of painting and the delicate craftsmanship required to create magical colour effects in resin. In addition to these fascinating colour nuances, the Rembrandt-S features a modern ring embellished with the knurling technique. The nib is a novelty compared to the previous edition. It is now larger and made of ruthenium-plated steel, a silvery metal that adds character and strength to all the metalwork.

Visconti Rembrandt: an iconic writing instrument

The fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens of the Rembrandt collection have become one of the symbols of the Visconti brand thanks to their emblematic elegance reminiscent of the Dutch master’s paintings. The three types of writing instruments are available in four colours: ivory, black, blue and red. In the new S collection, the pens present a swirl of shades throughout their body with more defined and homogeneous colours. The warm ivory variant is speckled with gold and brown veins, the black has a Marquina marble effect with spectacular white veins, the blue is reminiscent of transparent, iridescent sea water, and the red is a pure burning fire. This range of widely different colours, combined with the high quality of materials and workmanship make it suitable for everyone’s taste.

As far as metalwork is concerned, the Rembrandt collection features finishes in palladium, a rare and precious metal that acquires great resistance after cold working. Its silvery and luminous colour perfectly matches the vivid shades of the resin, enhancing their brilliance. The clip is decorated with the laser-engraved Visconti logo, giving a precise and linear final effect.

The first collection dedicated to the Dutch painter has a minimalistic style and comes in four elegant and refined variants. It is ideal for those who love sobriety without renouncing the wow effect. In the Rembrandt-S evolution, Visconti caters to strong, decisive personalities who love contrast and the dramatic efffect of the perpetual clash between light and darkness. In the S line, the metal finishes are darker to offer more contrast with the pen’s colour variants. The nib is larger than the one of the original Rembrandt and the colours don’t completely blend into one another, but remain visible and evident.

The Rembrandt collection has become one of Visconti’s must-have productions. The aim of the new Rembrandt-S line is to create an equally iconic writing instrument with more intense and defined colours that faithfully reproduce the chiaroscuro of the great painter’s paintings. Just as Rembrandt loved experimenting with the paintbrush on canvas, Visconti’s craftsmen are also in search of the perfect colour combination. Each pen showcases unique and unrepeatable veining, making each piece exclusive and original. The supreme brilliance of the writing instruments’ colours and metal finishes make the Rembrandt and Rembrandt-S collections as eye-catching as a jewel.

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