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Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal: the timeless charm of total black
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Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal: the timeless charm of total black


Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal

Visconti adds a new pen inspired by Italy’s rich geological heritage to its collection of unique pens. Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal, made of lava stone dust, is minimal, elegant, functional and intricately made. This total black collection will win over fountain pen enthusiasts with its unique aesthetics and technical features.

The versatility of lava stone

The Dark Crystal collection, made of a virtually unbreakable fusion of resin and lava dust from Mount Etna, takes some of the features of the Homo Sapiens Dark Age and combines them with the more sophisticated characteristics of the demonstrator collections. The focal point of the writing instrument is the semi-transparent window with a smoky effect on the barrel. It softens and enlivens the opacity of the lava-resin material, bringing a touch of brightness to the pen.

It is precisely the choice of materials and craftsmanship that give this fountain pen its extremely contemporary appeal. The smokey window insert on the barrel of the pen reveals the chosen ink colour in the reservoir. Each ink colour change can transform the appearance of the pen and create an interesting chromatic contrast.  

Practical and luxurious, the Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal blends harmoniously with every colour shade of the VSCT leather accessory line. The pen’s matte black is a real passepartout that enhances the colours of the palmetto leather cases and brand new briefcase.

Beauty is in the details

Each Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal pen is made from small parts no larger than 8 cm in size. After the moulding and ageing phase, each part undergoes special treatments made using specific machinery under the watchful eye of our craftsmen. The resin and basaltic lava components are specially treated to ensure a velvety feel, while the metal and transparent elements are polished by hand, one by one.

The matte black barrel recalls the colours and textures of the slopes of the Sicilian volcano, the metalwork is finished with a dark polish, while the Giotto nib in 18kt gold is plated in ruthenium. The pen comes equipped with another Visconti design feature, the Power Filler Double Reservoir. This innovative system, designed to avoid unpleasant ink leaks during changes of pressure, makes it possible to travel safely anywhere. In addition, the Dark Crystal also features the famous bayonet closure system, another hallmark feature of the most prestigious collections.

But the true added value of this oversize demonstrator pen is its attention to detail. The band is embellished with an embossed engraving bearing the name of the collection; the clip is in galvanised black brass and features an ivory-coloured enamel decoration against which the Visconti logo stands out. The disc at the top extremity of the cap can be personalised and replaced thanks to the My Pen System service, designed for those who wish to personalise their collection of fountain pens with their initials. Dark Crystal is the perfect pen for those searching for a sophisticated and reliable instrument that is both unique and timeless.


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