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  • Homo Sapiens Earth Origins: the elegant pens that celebrate Visconti’s bond to Nature
Homo Sapiens Earth Origins: the elegant pens that celebrate Visconti’s bond to Nature
Planet Earth seen from space illuminated from behind by the sun

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Homo Sapiens Earth Origins: the elegant pens that celebrate Visconti’s bond to Nature


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for creating humanity’s most extraordinary works of art. Indeed, flourishing artists have shaped their greatest masterpieces and represented the many facets of reality by drawing inspiration from the landscape’s beauty.

The Visconti house also loves to take inspiration from the evocative power of the planet’s diverse landscapes, renewing the union between Art and Nature already celebrated with the Homo Sapiens Lotus Garden collection. The acute and penetrating gaze of the well-known Florentine brand’s designers and artisans allowed them to vividly capture the colors and shades typical of a Japanese lotus garden in an elegant pen.

Penna Homo Sapiens Earth Origins versione Water Visconti sul fondale del mare

Continuing in the wake of the collection inspired by the charm of the lotus flower, Visconti has created a new collection to celebrate its close bond with Nature and the four elements. Thus, the new Homo Sapiens Earth Origins was born, available in fountain pen and rollerball models.

Elegant pens inspired by the origins of our planet

The new Homo Sapiens Earth Origins collection takes inspiration from the mythical and primordial forces that shaped our planet and ignited the spark of human existence. It conveys all the energy released by the Big Bang, which triggered the creation of life on Earth. The collection is currently available in Water and Earth versions, which embody two of the primordial elements essential to the richness and growth of Nature.

The energy and power of the Earth

The green of the forests, the gold of the desert, and the blue of the sky inspire the Homo Sapiens Earth Origins Earth that celebrates the unstoppable power of Nature, which reminds us that she is the true protagonist on our planet. The hypnotic color effects come to life thanks to specially selected acrylic resins that shimmer and change depending on how you expose the writing instrument to the light. In the Earth version, the hues are dark, intense, and at times somber, to evoke some of the planet’s wildest landscapes full of lush vegetation. To enhance this kaleidoscope of colors even more, the metalwork is made of brass and subsequently blackened by a PVD treatment. The fountain pen version features a nib in 18-carat gold, plated with ruthenium for an intense and decisive touch that perfectly enhances the dark tones of the resin.

A plunge into the depths of the sea with the Water version

The bright, iridescent aesthetic of the Homo Sapiens Earth Origins Water version makes you feel like you are plunging into the ocean to its most unexplored depths, where the blue turns black. The sun’s rays pierce the waters from above, barely illuminating them. The resins chosen in this case reproduce the infinite shades of the sea: from the turquoise of paradisiacal beaches to the midnight blue of the deepest waters, passing through ultramarine blue. Emphasizing these splendid hues are the silver metal finishes that give a fresh yet brilliant effect. The nib, again, is made of 18-karat gold but palladium-plated for an even brighter effect.

The Homo Sapiens Earth Origins collection is a limited edition of only 388 pieces. In addition, both fountain pen versions, Earth and Water, feature the dual reservoir power filler system, now a hallmark of Visconti pens. The rollerball pen model has the same aesthetic features as the fountain pen but comes with the Refill A40 filling mechanism. Let yourself be carried away by the force and energy of Nature, which dominates and governs everything with a collection that celebrates our planet’s origins and power.


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