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Everything in its right place: Visconti pen holders


Everything in its right place: Visconti pen holders


Visconti pen holders

Renowned worldwide for its numerous collections of fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, Visconti has drawn on Tuscany’s artisanal heritage to expand its production with a line of leather goods. VSCT was created with the aim of offering customers a sophisticated and timeless range of accessories specifically designed to hold writing instruments and other small everyday objects.

Designed to accompany you on your travels or to decorate your home in a discreet and elegant way, Visconti’s leather items complete your look or décor with a timeless aesthetic that finds its strength in practicality and versatility.

Superior quality and timeless style

Visconti’s small leather goods collection rests on three fundamental pillars: quality, design and technical mastery. Under the acronym VSCT, the brand introduces a new concept that plays with modern shapes and colours to extend and complete its pen collections. The design and finish flawless simplicity is accentuated with Visconti stylistic references. The slider on the pen cases is inspired by our distinctive nib and all the objects feature the iconic V logo. The colours chosen for the leather collection – cognac, blue, grey and black – fit perfectly with our pens’ colour schemes. 

Practicality is the hallmark of the VSCT line. Made of the highest quality cowhide leather, the collection of pen cases, card holders, envelopes and document holders is durable, scratch-resistant and highly water-resistant. The interiors are lined with stain-resistant and easy to clean flocked velvet and Mondial leather to better protect your most precious items. 

All our accessories are characterised by their extreme suppleness/softness. The leathers we use are treated with the ancient technique of palming, which makes them pleasantly flexible. In the jargon of the tannery art, “palmellatura” refers to a softening finishing operation. The leather is placed on a board and passed through two rubber or cork-lined cylinders with a horizontal axis until softened. 

A pen holder for every occasion

The VSCT square key tray, one of the largest items in the collection, fits seamlessly in any corner of the house. This refined gift idea is perfect as a desk organiser in the study, or as a decorative element on an entrance hall console. The anti-scratch treatment protects them from possible abrasions due to contact with keys and other sharp objects; the different colour shades combine harmoniously with any type of material, from wood to glass, and marble to Plexiglas.

The Visconti pen holders are available in various sizes and can hold up to 12 pens. They can be used as a clutch or a multifunctional case for easy transport or as a safe place to store your pens at home or at the office. Designed with flocked velvet and Mondial synthetic leather interiors, the pen cases are designed to gently protect your beloved writing instrument.

The VSCT smaller models also showcase sophisticated details: each pen case displays the V logo and the 3-pen holder version comes equipped with multiple card slots, making it a valid substitute for the traditional wallet. In addition, the gold-plated zip and zip puller embellishments bring an extra level brightness and sophistication to these leather accessories. In its 1-pen version, the pen holder is accessorized with a comfortable cotton elastic band to easily attach it to a tablet or agenda. 

Which accessory is right for you?

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