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Mirage Collection

The mirage turns reality on its head. Something can simultaneously be as intangible as air and as hard as stone. The absolute becomes relative and the boundaries between reality and the dreamworld, imperceptible.


“In the city of mirrors,

the city of mirages,

at once solid and liquid,

at once air and stone.”

Erica Jong

Colour effects

The delicate marbling in the resin creates ever-changing colour effects that accentuate the uniqueness and elegance of the Mirage pen.

A Unique Shape

The Mirage collection has pushed us away from the consolidated Visconti style, opening up new design horizons. What initially seemed like an unobtainable mirage transformed into a tangible writing masterpiece.

The harmonious lines of the pen glide seamlessly between the barrel and the cap to gently taper off at both ends. The Visconti clip and stamped cap band add a layer of elegance to the overall effect.

Mirage fountain pen

Available in other colours

Mirage rollerball pen

Available in other colours

Mirage ballpoint pen

Available in other colours

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