Pitti Immagini Uomo 2018 | Firenze 12-15 June 2018 Pitti Immagini Uomo 2018 | Firenze 12-15 June 2018
  • Torpedo
    Luxury Pens
    This masterpiece with its ogival and aerodynamic shapes, is the epitome of an architectural and design trend born in Italy in 80s and called Bolidismo. This is a pure "Made in Italy" piece out of this writing tool as much as a... Made in Visconti work of art.

  • Isla Majorca
    A perfect mix of elegance and style to absolute reliability and perfect engineering: a dependable diving companion heart beats in distinguished and classic looking timepiece you'll love to wear every day.

  • Vertigo
    Luxury Pens
    Let yourself be inspired by our Vertigo collection, pick your own style and color: the nature of the material and the peculiar design make each pen a unique piece.

  • <span>Pro Dive</span> 3000 <span>Abyssus</span>
    Professional Diving watches
    From its grade 5 titanium case to its sharkskin strap, the Limited Edition Abyssus epitomises the perfect combination of style and function.
    The luminescent coating on the hands and dial make it clear and readable when light is low.
    Waterproof to 3000 metres, the exclusive Visconti design and innovative construction combine in this striking watch with a great character and a serious attitude.

  • Luxury Pens and Watches
    Our Products
    Experience time-honoured craftsmanship and Italian design. Appreciate the skill, care and attention of Visconti brand in the full range of pens and watches. Visconti applies its innovative and original design approach to both collections.

  • Il Magnifico
    Luxury Pens
    An homage to one of the most renown and illustrious persons of the Italian Renaissance, symbol of arts and literature’s most flourishing period: Lorenzo de’ Medici, known as ”Il Magnifico”. This pen is an epitome of craftsmanship and history, a masterpierce only made in Florence.

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Dal 1988 Visconti ha riportato l'industria degli strumenti di scrittura a Firenze, dopo un periodo forte assenza ed é riuscita a trasformare l'artigianato fiorentino e italiano in un'icona attraverso i suoi prodotti che accompagnano i suoi valori fondamentali: Design & Creativitá Italiani, Artigianato, Qualitá, Lusso.