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10 great gift ideas
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10 great gift ideas


The run-up to the festive season is the perfect time to think about presents to surprise your loved ones. Made from premium materials with a sophisticated, contemporary design, our writing instruments and VSCT accessories are perfect ideas for useful and exclusive gifts. 

Can’t decide which pen or leather accessory to choose? Explore our gift guide based on the personality, interests and aesthetics of your nearests and dearests. 

Gifts for the design connoisseur

Do you have someone in mind who appreciates architecture, home décor and interior design? Design lovers will enjoy Breeze, the pen forged in acrylic resin to give voice to the most creative minds. Available in six bright colours, this writing instrument has an avant-garde appeal.

Gifts for active people

We have designed our AirPods and AirPods Pro covers for those with an active lifestlye. This durable leather accessory with a simple and modern design, closes with a handy snap fastener, allowing you to remove the earphone case in the blink of an eye. Also available in a camouflage print, the AirPods cover comes with a practical shoulder strap for hands-free running.

Even the busiest person needs time to wind down. For introspective writing breaks, choose the Dark Crystal collection, our total black demonstrator pen created from a precious blend of resin and lava dust. This instrument features polished black metalwork, a ruthenium-plated 18kt gold nib and a smoky effect on its transparent barrel.

Gifts for those who are always on the go

Do you know someone whose eyes light up when they discuss their travels?  Choose our passport holder and leather pochette bag for a guaranteed gifting success. Available in three colour variants, these accessories are embellished with the printed Visconti monogram in a contrasting shade. 

For travellers, there is nothing more appropriate than Voyager 30, the pen collection launched in celebration of Visconti’s 30th anniversary. To create this special edition, we chose ebonite, the original material used in the production of fountain pens that few companies are still able to recreate. With its retro feel, the Voyager 30 is an invitation to set off on your next adventure.


Gifts for the business traveller

Do you have business partners with hectic schedules? Be sure to hit the mark with a gift to lighten their workday. The new briefcase and laptop case are the perfect travel companions to carry everything they need for meetings, conferences and networking events. These two accessories, with their practical zips and internal compartments to store smaller items, will impress even the most demanding manager.

Why not add to one of these carefully handcrafted objects a fountain pen from the Divina Elegance collection? This writing instrument has a pentagonal shape that recalls the four natural elements, with the addition of an extra supernatural one. This jewel-like object decorated with hand-applied silver inlays, brings an added level of distinction to the signing of important contracts.

Astuccio in pelle bovina Visconti

Gifts for artists

Do you know someone who can’t help themselves from sketching on any surface? Or someone who never misses an art exhibition and loves talking about art and artists for hours on end? Make sure their creative instruments are protected and close at hand with one of the cases from the VSCT line. These accessories, made from palmellato leather, have a washable and stain-resistant Mondial leather lining.

And for a surprise within a surprise, choose a pen that evokes the work of some of the most famous Dutch artists: Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Choose amongst the incedible colour palette of the Van Gogh collection and some of his most famous paintings: Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman, The Novel Reader and Wheatfield with Crows. The Rembrandt collection can also be personalised with the initials, star sign or favourite gemstone of your loved one with our exclusive My Pen System service.

Gifts for vintage style lovers

A vintage style is not only trendy but also timeless. Our gusseted card holder with its old-world charm will win over your most stylish friends and relatives. This little accessory with four compartments for bank and business cards, is a great unisex option.

Those who love timeless objects will certainly recognise the value of the Homo Sapiens Dual Touch collection. It comes in a palette that echoes the colours of the VSCT leather line. The cognac leather barrel is combined with yellow gold metalwork, the black leather one with black metal for a tone-on-tone effect, while the camouflage print is highlighted by pink gold.


For an inexhaustible source of gift ideas, explore our extensive selection of fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, or browse all the accessories from the VSCT leather line.


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