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Artist’s inspiration: Van Gogh collector’s pens
Close-up of Van Gogh's painting Wheatfield with Crows

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Artist’s inspiration: Van Gogh collector’s pens


Let yourself be swept off by the swirl of colors of the Van Gogh collection and take an extraordinary color journey through the Dutch artist’s masterpieces.

Close up pintura a olio con raschietto da artista

The colors and emotions of the Van Gogh collection

It is easy to be captivated and amazed by Van Gogh’s paintings’ visionary charge that engages the viewer through dense, textured brushstrokes full of passion and overwhelming feelings. Inspired by the famous painter’s masterpieces, Visconti has created fine collector’s pens that reproduce the intensity expressed on canvas through meticulous resin and color artistry. Indeed, the Van Gogh collector’s pens have quickly become iconic for the well-known Florentine brand and are further evidence of how pictorial art is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creativity and flair of Visconti’s master artisans.

Van Gogh was interested in the Impressionists, particularly for their use of light. Color drew him in and became the medium through which he communicated his troubled self to the world. Indeed, the power of color, the impetuosity of lines, and the choice of subjects speak to Van Gogh’s feelings. The depiction of the landscape was not just a speculative activity but a means to externalize his emotions. Visconti has paid homage to the great Dutch artist by reproducing his canvases’ incredible swirl of colors on the barrels of its collector’s pens.

The unique resin that reproduces brushstrokes of Van Gogh's masterpieces

The Van Gogh collection amazes with its vivid and bright colors, true to the hues found in the well-known artist’s most famous and iconic paintings. His haunting painting, composed of a palette of always intense and penetrating colors, is marked by a bold, swirling stroke that is carefully reproduced on the collection’s fountain pens, rollerballs, and ballpoint pens. The plays of color on these fine writing instruments come to life thanks to a refined resin production technique that creates an ever-changing swirl of hues, making each pen a one-of-a-kind specimen.

The warm, bright tones of the acrylic resin are further enhanced by the shape of the barrel and cap: a never-before-used 18 facets that give each pen a sophisticated elegance. The brass metal parts harmoniously match the pen’s body, emphasizing the nuances of each specimen through palladium or gold plating according to the variant chosen. The fountain pen features a gold or palladium-plated steel nib embellished with a reproduction of the famous artist’s signature.

Van Gogh's canvases come to life in Visconti's collector's pens

Each pen in the Van Gogh collection captures the sensations the artist’s canvases evoke. These miniature writing masterpieces are characterized by the predominant color combinations of the painting from which they are inspired. Thus we find the warm amber tone of Café Terrace at Night, the intense ochre and yellow of the emblematic Sunflowers, the aquamarine delicacy of Self-Portrait, the sumptuous amaranth of The Red Vineyard, the soft pink of Souvenir di Mauve, the dark, haunting hues of Starry Night, and the greenish-blue of Wheat Field under Thunderclouds. In addition to the collector’s pens dedicated to these masterpieces, there are also writing instruments inspired by two other paintings that testify to Van Gogh’s love of Japanese art, developed during his years in Paris and through his connections with Oriental art dealer Siegfried Bing. They are the Flowering Plum Orchard, with carmine-colored resin, and Oiran, distinguished by the perfect union of turquoise and brown hues.

Special edition Van Gogh collections

To the nine variants available within the Van Gogh collection, Visconti has added three special editions that pay homage to as many of the artist’s great masterpieces. One of these is Wheatfield with Crows which reproduces on the pen the colors of the leaden sky, an omen of the impending storm that is about to hit the vast wheat field with its wind-whipped ears of corn. The Van Gogh Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman collection also celebrates the painter’s passion for the countryside and its atmosphere. Different shades of blue in oil and watercolor dominate the painting and are carefully reproduced with resin along the barrel of the pen. Finally, the special numbered edition Van Gogh The Novel Reader replicates the intense, bold colors of the famous 1888 painting depicting a woman intent on reading a modern novel, a literary genre allowed only to men at the time. In this case, the luminous yellow-gold metalwork enhances the pen’s emerald tones even more.

An exclusive collector's pen set

All pens in the Van Gogh collection, including special edition ones, come with a picturesque-themed box decorated with a painting detail from which they are inspired and a charming bookmark to accompany your favorite reading. Those who choose the fountain pen will also find a bottle of ink in the color that best matches the pen’s hues, making each model even more unique and special.


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