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Inspiring gift ideas for him
COsa regalare per un anniversario

Daily Inspiration

Inspiring gift ideas for him


The world-famous celebration of love is yet another moment during the year to remind your partner how important he is to you. Without the right approach, gift giving can easily turn into buying for buying’s sake. Instead, we recommend taking the time to carefully consider your loved one’s lifestyle and passions. The best gifts are the ones that are truly appreciated and used.

Gifts with a meaning

Sustainability is a mindset that can be applied to every one of life’s situations, and particularly to gift selection. In order to make sure you give something useful and enduring, focus on objects made using artisanal techniques with a timeless design. Visconti reduces the ecological footprint of its creations by producing them in limited quantities in its own ateliers with locally sourced premium materials. The brand relies and values the expertise and commitment of each individual craftsman involved in the creation of each handmade object.

The most luxurious gifts for him are, therefore, not only those that combine a deep meaning and beautiful aesthetic but also embody values such as the respect of people and the planet. We have compiled a list of gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day to guide you in the selection of the most exclusive and sustainable options.

Elegant gift ideas for his everyday life

The large A4 leather envelopes and zip pouch are among the most versatile items and exclusive gift ideas in the VSCT collection. These multi-purpose accessories are made from Italian palmellato leather and are equipped with a practical zip or simple magnetic snap buttons. The A4 envelope is the perfect place to store his work documents and tablet as he heads into his next meeting.  

The leather passport holder and card holders are also absolute must-haves for every man. The passport holder is available in camouflage, cognac and black and embellished with the iconic V monogram printed in a contrasting colour. It can comfortably hold boarding passes, ID and bank cards. The card holder, on the other hand, is available in a pocket version with external and internal silk compartments as well as vintage gusseted version lined in flocked velvet. 

For those who can’t wait to pack their bags and head for their next destination, the VSCT line offers practical accessories to accompany them on every step of their adventure. The AirPods and AirPods Pro covers are designed as a trendy accessory with a removable strap that can be worn around the neck or over the shoulder. The luggage tag, on the other hand, is both a practical and stylish accessory to embellish duffel bags, suitcases and briefcases. Finally, to guarantee the safekeeping of beloved writing instruments and other useful small objects from one place to another, consider our numerous pen holder options.

Visconti pens as gifts

Among traditional gift ideas, it is hard to find an object with as much significance and symbolism as the luxury pen. Over the years, Visconti has created many limited edition collections. Here are the ones best suited to surprise and impress your other half.

The Voyager 2020 fountain pen recalls space exploration and the fascination for the unknown that carries the mind on an incredible journey to distant worlds. In its retro version, the Voyager 30, is made of ebonite and celebrates travel not only as a physical destination, but also as a desire for knowledge and discovery.

For those who love timeless and classic aesthetics, we offer the Divina Elegance, a writing instrument that, through its pentagonal shape, embodies the four natural elements, from which a fifth supernatural element derives. The structure is built according to Fibonacci’s nautilus sequence, while the ergonomic shape follows the design of a pentagram.

Should you choose to impress your love with the power of colour, opt for the Demo Stones demonstrator pen collection. This writing instrument plays with seductive transparencies that recall the nuances of precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies. The way light plays with its surface, creating sophisticated and brilliant transparencies brings to mind the reflections of the most sought-after gems. 

Finally, for those who enjoy vintage styles and the juxtaposition of the industrial and artisanal worlds, we suggest the Homo Sapiens Dual Touch collection. Made of metal and covered in precious palmellato leather, this writing instrument is designed to perfectly match the accessories of the VSCT line. The cognac leather barrel is combined with yellow gold metal elements; the black leather version is matched with ton-sur-ton details; and the camouflage print is complemented by pink gold metalwork. Three refined and contemporary colour combinations for a collection with a timeless appeal.

Our selection of writing instruments and small leather goods are designed for the contemporary man and are great gifts options to inspire and treasure.


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